Modular Meets Leeds 2019


Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone is planning on attending either of the two Modular Meets days in Leeds on the 17th-18th August? It would be great to meet any forum members who may be going along.

Full details are on the Facebook page -

And the activities over the two days are as follows:

SATURDAY - performance, manufacturers, user exhibit, shops, sell-swap gear, uber-raffle!

SUNDAY - talks/presentations/demos, raffle, DIY workshop

SynthFest|UK 2019 (October 5th, Sheffield)

I’m planning to go over on the Saturday (third year in a row)… only coming over from York so pretty easy journey :slight_smile:

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I have no modular at all to speak of (does a Field Kit FX count?) but I’m only in Barnsley so will definitely try to make it over

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Good to hear you’re both coming. My daughter and I went over to the one in Huddersfield recently. She’s only 3, so was a bit overwhelmed, but she’s determined to go to the next one.

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I’ll be there this year, as I have been for the last three years. Looking forward to making new friends too :slight_smile:


Hoping to head there but it’s the end of our Summer holiday so we’ll see!


bit far away (in time not distance - I’m not good at long term planning :slight_smile: ) for definite plans but will try and get across too - would be nice to meet up with people


It’s a definite possibility for me too. Recently moved to Hull and visited Leeds for the first time a couple of weeks back to see Terry Riley. Why did no one ever tell me that Leeds is such a fine city?


Went to Terry Riley also — was pretty good/interesting!


A lot jazzier than I assumed beforehand.

Can’t help but feel he should have left the Nord Stage at home and stuck with the Yamaha grand.

His son can play a bit too. :slight_smile:

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Yes, a lot more ‘jazz’ than minimal… I found the ‘random patches on the Nord’ bits a bit wearing (although the rest of the family thought that was ok, so what do I know? :slight_smile: ).

My son was very taken by it all, which I must admit I was relieved by (he’s not shy in letting us know when he doesn’t like stuff!!)

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Reminds me of a show of Riley’s I went to about twenty years ago when he basically noodled with all the presets on his keyboard, almost as if testing them out, with percussion sounds plonking in and out, random noises and so on. It was the most disappointing and irritating performance from one of my heroes too