Modular Meetup in Vancouver, BC, Canada?

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong category for this — I’m not advertising an event, but instead trying to possibly organize one!

Are there any other Lines members who live in, or near, Vancouver, and who would would like to get some kind of semi-regular modular synth meet-up going?

I’ve seen lots of “Modular on the Spot” events happening in different North American cities, but nothing yet in Vancouver. I’d love to get something started!


I’m just over in Victoria and I would be interesting in making the trip.

I’m in Vancouver and would love to see something like this!

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Awesome! Once we reach critical mass, I’ll loop you in :slight_smile:

Ah, great! Let’s DM contact info.

excellent, thanks for the energy to potentially make this happen!

i’m down for sure. the synth swap a few months ago was cool, but it would be nice to just meet people and jam without the profit motive? if that makes sense? apologies if this came across as negatve or talking down, everyone there was really friendly - i’m new to this sort of scene and i guess i was intimidated a bit

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I think I know what you mean — a lot of the modular synth events I attended when I was living in Brooklyn felt out of my pay grade. I’d be really hoping to have something a lot more free-form, and without the pressure to show off / sell / buy gear.

Glad you’re interested!

I’m in the Okanagan so it’s a bit far for me, but it will be nice to know if this works out.
Maybe try the folks in Van from Nightlife Electronics and Intellijel, they might be interested or know some more people too (:

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That’s definitely worth considering! I’m sure they’d love to get involved.

If anything does come together, I’ll post it in this thread, so you’ll know :slight_smile: Whereabouts in the Okanagan are you? Love it up there.

Im interested to know as I’ll be living in the city starting this summer.

I’ve hosted a synth meet in the past. I’d love to help out any way I can.

@Voiron27 There are few synth events in Vic. There havent been any public meetups thus far - but there should be!

oh cool, I noticed CCTV in Vic but I haven’t dropped into the shop yet. I’ll send you a message.

Let me know if I can help with the meetup :slight_smile:

Also I’ll be hosting Drone Day 2020 in New Westminster again this year. I have yet to pull the details together but I should have stuff ready soon.

Will be a free event, you can play, listen or both :slight_smile:

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Oh, this sounds great! Thank you for the heads up. I have no idea how I hadn’t heard of this. Please post more details here as things develop!

I guess this was unfortuante timing March last year to start thinking about a Vancouver modular meetup, but did anything come of this? Perhaps now is a better time, if there is still interest…


Hi! Hello! Me!


@fourdee — unfortunate timing indeed! COVID kept me from pursuing this any further, but with (hopefully) things improving these days, I’d love to follow through on this idea and start some kind of gathering for Vancouver–based modular synthesists!

I wonder if it would make the most sense to start with some kind of mailing list, so that when it does come time to organize in-person events, we’ll have an easy time contacting folks?

@plutonian yes! Yes!


Hi! Hello! Me also! :wave:

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Never saw this thread before, but I’m in (and in Vancouver)!
Where I lived before (Lyon, France) we had monthly modular jams in the basement of a bar, that was great!
Would totally love to find this kind of space again…

Maybe the Toast Collective? Or Red Gate? Or a private studio somewhere?