Modular MIDI controllers


just found these which look like new faderfox controllers but split in pieces

i’m reading more about the brand but they seem almost too good to be true :eyes:


Wow, those are so cheap. Very curious to see how they turn out.

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yeah and build quality looks great

not sure if thats a sign of tech advancements or cutting corners somewhere in the process

i’m optimistic tho


Same. Looks like they can be programmed to send out HID keycodes as well as midi, something I haven’t seen before - makes them a bit more universal. Definitely keeping a close eye for red flags.

Whoa this could be pretty wild with teletype 😵‍💫

I was thinking the same. Maybe have a situation with:

  • incremental encoders for updown/leftright arrow keys
  • buttons for tab, escape, brackets
  • buttons for launching scripts

would be an interesting way to navigate around TT. any other ideas?

edit: realizing if you used buttons for the arrows, what I listed above makes 16 buttons which perfectly matches to their button module.

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wonder if the firmware is open source

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they have a discord server so i plan to ask some questions either there or on instagram


Sometimes I had contact issues with the Korg littleBits modules, which use a somewhat comparable connection scheme (magnets to hold modules together, spring-loaded “dots” to connect modules electrically).

So I wonder how reliable the connection between the Intech Studio controller modules will be. Especially at a gig on a potentially shaky or uneven surface.

Tried them on Superbooth and they feel great and sturdy. -Definitely getting some if they find EU distribution- <---- Went ahead and ordered one as I realized they are based in Hungary, so will report back. I couldn’t decide which one to get! :sweat_smile:


I got recently Befaco’s CV Thing, so everything in my rack has become a MIDI controller.
Specially fun with the more hands-on ones: Black Joystick 2, VC Transitions and Voltage Block.


these look awesome. just picked up one of the 4x pot/4x fader/4x button modules and an encoder module!


I got a reply this morning

there are several repos for this project so take a look around :smiley:


i’m super glad
i don’t have 16n so i’m eying a couple of the fader blocks for use with norns

hope you enjoy yours!

Great news & thanks for the feedback


I use the EN16 and it’s amazing!


I have never used the VC Transitions with CV Thing :scream:

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I see you have a ton of Shakmat. I’m increasingly interested in what these people is bringing to the game. Got their 1U ones. Currently very interested in Aeolus Seeds and the newly announced Mod Medusa.

Seeing that you have tried many, what’s your fave controller on eurorack?

It looks cool. Can you program the encoder to press it down and send a message? I fancy being able to turn off Ableton effects with a press as well as adjusting them with a twist.

Yes, I use it like that. Also, you have 4 banks with different colors to use. The only think that I don’t like so much is that you need to use a button on the side to change the bank.
But beside that, it’s amazing.