Modular (/monome!) Mondays - Brooklyn

4-7pm weekly
El Beit Cafe
158 Bedford Ave
@North 8th Street in Williamsburg

Contact me to book!


this is intriguing, did you just start this? what’s the format? (ie how many sets?)

I alone kicked it off last week, simply as a novel ambience, but it was a minor hit. The owner sought an additional performer (who I do not know) for tomorrow, and now there is talk of three sets each week. For now, we are playing inside the cafe, at a moderate volume through their ohm stereo. But the crew will be building a stage in the backyard and setting up a PA for shows in the summer.

So I hope you will all come listen, set up a future performance and buy some coffee so we can make Modular Mondays a lasting reality.

Ey this sounds fun. Will try to come through tomorrow.


intrigued, but 2 PM on Monday? Not for folks with day jobs, eh?

Would love to attend if it was evening/weekends!

Heard. A little later on Mondays is the immediate plan.

At this point, it’s just a handful of musicians taking their thing out of the bedroom, sharing ideas and getting some performance chops. As we start to draw a crowd and higher-level performers, I will have the leverage to move into a more optimal day and time. A catch-22 perhaps?

In the meantime, I’d like to open the call to non-modular monomists and try and fill out three sets a week: 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 (the latter reserved for nine-to-fivers😉).


Will also try to come check it out. Would love to be a part of this in the coming weeks for any 6:00pm+ slots (nine-to-fiver, here).

Thanks! That’s fair enough, sorry if I came across ungrateful/snarky, just wanted to make sure I actually understood what was up :slight_smile:

That’s pretty close to my office! I could definitely come by for some 6:00 pm action :relaxed:

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One open set tomorrow, 6:00. Anyone interested? Message me!

I wish I could this week :frowning: I’ll be there next week for sure though! Once I get my new case into town (should be soon … ) I’d love to play!

Incidentally, if you need a website as you formalize things, I’d be happy to help in that regard as well :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight – how did it go? Any audio/video/photo evidence?


Ian will be closing the show at 6:00 this Monday. Pumped!


Some lovely tracks here, Untitled 7 is killin me.

Looking forward to this. Thanks to @altoaiello for putting it all together.
It’ll be tape loops and delay feeds tonight.


Ian performing his gorgeous tape loops in the gorgeous weather for a very appreciative audience:

We had a great afternoon; hoping some more of you beautiful folks will come through and play soon!


I’ll actually be in NYC this weekend, is this happening again this coming monday? would love to swing by if it is.

For sure it will be!