Modular (/monome!) Mondays - Brooklyn

Hi y’all.

Live on periscope @chris_aiello_ today @ 4:30pmEST, catch a set of jazz saxophone duos in the Tristano tradition, to be joined for a second set by my modular “future rhythm section”

Should be a blast. Come by for a coffee!

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Hey @altoaiello – are these still happening? My work schedule is a bit more flexible these days so I should be able to make it out on occasion if so :slight_smile:

Hell yes, we persist. Had a fella with all the new roland gear last week, and will duo isms and a turntablist next week. Today, it’s me by my lonesome. Send a message if anybody wants to set up a Monday. 4-7 still


Can’t make it today as it’s my partner’s birthday (drat, that :p), but definitely gonna come by next week. Excited for tuntabl[isms].

Good luck by yourself out there, ruff streets of bedford ave!

Never actually heard this guy, so I’ll be on my tiptoes. Probably grandpa glitches into three sisters and earthsea mangrove basslines… We’ll see!


Without our shared understanding this is the most absurd statement.