Modular on the Mall. June 26th Noon ET. Washington DC

Sit back, relax and open your ears for our SECOND show in June on the 26th. We have local artists as well as some from Philly and New York!

Chuck W
Wet Soul Music

This show is Sunday, June 26th at noon ET at the DC War Memorial on the National Mall, nestled among shade trees between the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial 🏛️

Bring a blanket, food, and lots of your friends. You’ve got to hear how these modular synths sound under the dome! Pups are also welcome 🐶


Ah shucks. I’ll have just left town :pensive: for a bit. Will there be more this summer @huron?

Oh yes. There will be more Modular on the Mall performances this summer into fall I believe.

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Oh no, I think I’ll also be out of town! I’m right outside DC, too. :sob::sob::sob:

Will keep my ears peeled for future events. :banana:

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Sweet, I’ll try to make it.

This is rad!! Thanks for sharing!