Modular on the Spot Philadelphia

Modular on the Spot Philadelphia this Sunday the 21st from 1:00 - 4:00ish. Location TBA within the next day or two. Will be in south west Philly. Bring your blankets and come relax with us!

Artists: Blacklodge - Jerry Kaba - Chris Powell - Stefano Daddi - Greg Sieber - Ritchie DeCarlo - Sandy James!



Nice! Who should I contact to play at one of these?

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I won’t be there this weekend but I’m thinking about moving to Philly so I’m so happy to see this pop up :smile:

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You can contact me threw @modularonthespotphilly or @jerrykaba on Instagram or This will be the last one this year probably because of the cold weather. But we will be starting up again as soon as it warms up!

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Seems like we are finally warming up here! Any idea when we will be having new events in the area @kaba?

(Also this is my first post on the forum, love what i’ve seen of the community you guys have built here!)

Yeah Mots philly will kick off next month on First Friday across the street from 319(VOX)! I am also working on dates at the rail park and bartrams garden!


definitely down to be a part of one later in the summer!

I’d be interested in playing the Bartrams Garden one! I think we messaged a few times of FB about me (huron) doing one of these. Please get in touch.

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