modular on the spot: san diego 12/2/18

the seventh san diego edition of modular on the spot is happening this sunday, december 2, 2018. free show, balboa park, at marston point, 2pm.


i’ll be presenting a short ambient piece with a new setup: using ansible kria live, along with ES, TT, JF/JT, W//, mangrove, 3sis, CM, and more. ran outta room in the isms composition system for the second ansible+arc & walk. also, the always-amazing @rbeny is coming down to rock faces and soothe hearts with a sublimely powerful live set. heavy mellow! super excited for this lineup.

bring a blanket or chair and a warm thermos, and join us under the trees for a beautiful afternoon “modular picnic” at the park!


Whaaaaaat! I’ll be there for sure!

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<3 I will be bringing the fog down from the Bay


dang, this is tempting… kinda far but then not that far.

Cool! I will be travelling there this weekend!

Don’t want to take over the thread but if anyone has recommendations for cool record shops, book shops or other music events in the city please PM me.

modular peter murphy tribute act?

i so wish i could drive down from santa cruz to catch this, but alas this weekend is filled up for me. hope to see pics and videos afterwards!

How long do you think it’ll go? It’s a bit of a trek, but I wonder if I could bring my toddler down to check out some modular music.

depends on how long setup takes before the music actually starts. last month, we were waiting for someone to arrive, so it didn’t actually start until 3. this month, it looks like there’s only the four performers, and my set will be very short (due to technical difficulties), so i’d guess under 70-80 minutes? these things are always less than two hours, anyway. we have families staying for the show every month, whether for the full event, or just for a bit as they walk by and hear all the soothing and/or wild sounds.

Thanks for the info. The timing is smack in the middle of my kid’s nap time, and factoring in the 30-40 minute drive, I don’t think we’ll make it. I’ll definitely try to check it out in the future. I didn’t know these events happened down here too.

heading down from la!

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thanks to everyone who made it out to the show! it was such an awesome afternoon. a few pics of the performers and their setups:

(i’m working on getting the video of my short set uploaded.)


at last, here’s the video of my performance. isms is filled with nearly the full catalog of monome+mannequins modules. instruo tòna, mutable rings, and clouds provide additional voices and texture. kria sequenced four voices (including a raw trig output from ansible through 3sis!), and earthsea ran the fifth voice through dual sequential w//, using the decaying looping delay technique helpfully explained by @Starthief. more detailed patch notes are on the video.


this is the clicky percussive thing? was wondering how you did that, very nice. thought that it might be w/ in sample playback mode.

indeed. i ran TR4 out from ansible into 3sis “centre” input–that’s the first crunchy perc heard. re-patching to the “high” input resulted in the lighter, clickier ticks.

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