modular on the spot: san diego 6/3/18

the first-ever san diego edition of modular on the spot is happening this sunday, june 3, 2018. free show, balboa park, at marston point, 2pm.

show flier
performers: burial wreaths, jdh, rosferatu, mmm, ioflow

i’ll be on last, playing a short ambient set using a very minimal isms system. this will be my first live show in about 7 years, since the 2011 monome showcase. i’m excited!

it’s going to be a beautiful mid-70s day at balboa park, so bring a blanket and snacks and join us on the grass between the shady trees for this “modular picnic.”


What’s interesting is that I’ve never heard of any of these acts!

It’s cool to see the San Diego modular scene expand to the point where that could happen. :slight_smile:

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O.o gonna be a full weekend with this and soundpedro! I’ll try to make it out!

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also, for those who are across the state/country/world, besides the inevitable IG/YT clips that pop up, i filmed my set at home as “modular on the floor”, so that everyone who can’t be there can still experience it in some way. will post the link later.

i’m excited to share these ambient sounds with you, and hope to see you there!


bummed i can’t be there but so excited to hear the floor set :slight_smile: have fun tomorrow!

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today’s modular picnic/modular show was fantastic. pictures are turning up all over instagram; here’s my set, a bit of each performer and the earliest crowds. it was really neat to see not just the folks who knew of the event setup their blankets and chairs, but also the passersby, who heard all the intriguing, otherworldly soundscapes, and came by to watch, ending up staying for the whole show! both before and afterward, i fielded quite a few questions from interested folks regarding my isms skiff; monome and mannequins everywhere.

it was indeed a beautifully sunny day, with the shade from a massive eucalypt, filled with cheeping birds, slowly moving across the crowd and musicians.


Between the marathon and the fire that closed down the freeway, there was no chance of getting out west today. :cry:

for everyone who wanted to experience the music in some way but couldn’t make it, i recorded an at-home version of my set a few days in advance: