Modular on the spot: san diego 8/3/19

the relaunch of san diego’s modular on the spot is happening saturday, august 3, 2019. free show, 1pm. PM for address! (also linked in the show flyer.)


i’ll be performing hazy ambient collage tunes, alongside locals dub station zero and june water, and POB down from LA. bring a blanket or chair, and join us under the trees for a beautiful afternoon “modular picnic”!


pictures! performers and setups.

patch notes: squarp hermod sequences everything. one quad oscillator (chord 2) for pads, and three monophonic oscillators for melodies and swells/drones. one of the instruo oscillators fed into mannequins three sisters, and all the mono oscs ran through w/ in decaying looping delay mode as a mono send/return effect, then into oto bim as the next global send in the chain, then oto bam as the final send. gently building up layers into a melodic, abstract ambient collage.

it was a truly lovely afternoon. warm sun and breeze, cool shade from the huge eucalyptus trees all around.

there should be multiangle video and mixer audio of all the performers soon. the new sd mots organizers planned from the beginning to record these events and make them available via youtube etc.


Bummed I missed this. How often do they plan on doing these? I definitely wanna catch the next one.

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the plan is to keep it going every month. no set day of the week yet, but there is one already scheduled for next month. check the modular on the spot san diego instagram for announcements and show flyers as the time gets closer.

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video! i opened the afternoon with some gentle ambient melodies:

detailed patch notes are on the video page. the complete multi-angle videos of all the performers are on the modular on the spot san diego youtube channel.