Modular On The Spot

this week i’ll be playing a set at a pretty lovely monthly series happening in LA called modular on the spot

best venue in the city:

flier & more info here with tags to all the other artists:


sounds awesome. i might be rolling into LA just in time! will try to time my drive to swoop thru

@ingMob @shellfritsch if you haven’t already, you two gotta meet!


That was a great set last night @shellfritsch Which monome module were you running? I didn’t get a chance to check out your rack before you wrapped it up. Looked like Meadow Physics from the LED blinking order.

hey! thanks. last night was a lot of fun. perfect weather & how about that mooooon??

to answer your question - i was using meadowphysics to advance sequences on teletype. i was also switching over to earthsea to play/sequence the basslines. really having a lot of fun with these modules & the grid. i feel like i’m just scratching the surface… excited to see where i end up.


so bummed i missed it! looks epic.

Modular on the Spot Portland returns this month! At Rocky Butte on Sunday August 14th. I’m very excited to play the first return show. There will be more to come.
-----Casual Decay------

-----Musique Mystique-----

-----Sean Hølt-----

-----Molly Miner-----


-----Francisco Botello-----


awesome! anyone interested in setting up something similar in chicago?

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i cannot host but would definitely come hang and or perform!

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I’m very excited for this! Is there an event page or more details available yet?

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There’s a Facebook event. Let me know if this links work. On mobile and sometimes things are funky

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Ah I’m not on Facebook and it won’t let me see the event. If you’d be willing to share the details here (or in a PM) I’d very much appreciate it!

Doesn’t take me to the right page.

Count me as interested I’d love to meet other modular folk around here!


@eelromance yes! let’s try to organize a lines hang :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check out @motschicago on Instagram:


I’ll keep tabs on it! Hope Seattle’s reruns at some point (unless i missed when it already did ;p

Couldn’t get the facebook link to work but a made a little flier with more details.


Looking forward to checking out a Modular On The Spot in Chicago!


Thank you! I’ll be there.