Modular Power Supplies


as long as -12v/red stripe goes to -12v/red stripe, I would think you’ll be fine.


cool! good to know.

did you literally cut the cable between the two connectors or did you just just pop the connector off?


I just cut between the connectors. They are really fiddly and will likely break while removing anyway. :slight_smile:


update: i trimmed the end connectors last night and everything is working smoothly! thanks so much for the input @alanza and @Justmat :heartpulse:


guys, quick question
best power solution in EU to power two row (with 2200mA on +12, 1200mA on -12) + grid + arc (total like 3A on +12 i think)?
two row40? two uzeus with boost brick? intellijel board?


I really like my row40 (+ it can easily be battery powered if your into that kinda thing) so you could go for 2 of those, but if price is a large concern… I also liked my trogotronic m15, which has 10,000mA per rail! Never worry about power again! (they are from California, but I’m sure you can get it sent to EU. I switched because I needed battery power which is much harder to achieve with the m15 than the rowpower

Both of these have got universal power bricks with swappable power cables so you should be able to get you’re plug type no problem.


any suggestions on how to battery power row40?


I’ve always used the synthrotek “deluxe” power module that came with the used case I bought. It seems to have a pretty crummy reputation online, but there’s also a lot of conflicting information. I’ve never had any issues with noise on my 6x84hp system. That said, what kind of noise presents itself with power issues? Distortion? Interference?


I have two:

  1. Clicks&Clocks transformer based PSU 1.2A + 2 buses. Very good quality, no noise. 1.2 A can be not enough for dozen of digital modules.

  2. Intellijel 80W MAX installed intro their 7U/104 case. 3A. No transformer but I didn’t hear any inwanted noise. Very powerful. PSU brick is separate item which is ok.

I can’t recommend any cable harness/chain because of noise.


I have an older rav power version of this which is working great. I think any 19v laptop battery with the barrel plug should work fine.

This one has adjustable voltage but others in the row power voltage range should work fine too. I reached out to 4ms direct to confirm and they were super helpful!


I added a really good set of eurorack modules to my setup and I love them but they are hungry monsters and are freaking out my Mantis power supply. So I need a supplement!

Hoping to find a stand alone eurorack mountable supply that can handle some serious amperage - any recommendations what I should look for?

In case you’re curious, I want to power a Frap Tools CGM with 8 channels, 2 groups and 1 master. Only 66 hp but it’s eating all my power. It looks like lots of modules spread their amps across +12v and -12v and actually fall short if you draw heavy on both.

The specs on my set up are 862 mA +12V | 834 mA -12v but also they can pull a lot more. By my calcs the max I need is 1173 mA +12v and -1115mA -12 V.

Looks like a lot of power supplies split amps between the plus and minus 12v rails - so I’m not finding an easy answer.


How do you connect the battery with the raw power? What replaces the ac cable? Thanks


I’m guessing you are asking a different question on the overall power topic? If not I’m not looking for a battery solution - just trying to find a supplemental power supply for a set of modules that have higher power requirements.


@swhic was answering @bmoren - see the icon in the top right of his post.

Regarding power, there look like a few possible options. I’m assuming here that you don’t want a big linear power supply.

Intelijel’s TPS80W certainly looks to have enough power:

There’s also the 4ms Row Power 40 and the Frap Tools Silta although both are closer to the maximum you state you need in terms of their available output capacity.


Thanks! Tried finding the Silta earlier but very out of stock. Probably getting the Row Power 40 or a Befaco Powskiff (someone else recommended elsewhere).

The TPS80 looks ideal if I out grow my Mantis and want to build a new rack, but for now just wanting to supplement the power on the Mantis.


This thing should be more than enough and is a good price!


it comes with a male to male barrel cable, barrel plug out of the battery to barrel plug into the row power.


Nice. Definitely like the expandability. I think I may soon be reaching that part of my eurorack journey where I have to go there!


I use the same battery plus solar cells for recording during camping trips. Love it.


Hello, I got a question concerning power supply headroom: I would like to get the Arturia Rackbrute which has the following PSU specs: Up to 1600mA on +12V and 1600mA on -12V (4 separate circuits of 800mA Up to 900mA on 5V. According to Modulargrid my modules have a power consumption of 1437 mA on +12V, 507 mA on -12V and 0 at 5V. What do you think, would this work out? Or would I need a stronger power supply? I read that you should have at least 20% headroom … Thanks in advance…