Modular Rig Advice


Hello all, I’m about to take the plunge into modular.

I have the newest version monome 128 and I’ll pick up an arc 4 when I can get my hands on one. I also have a Seaboard I’ve been using. My music is here: I also quite like rbeny’s stuff here:

I’ve been putting together modules for a potential rig here:
This will go in a 7U 104HP Intellijel case.

I’d love any input on what you might change, etc. keeping in mind I’m wanting to make experimental ambient.



First thought: ditch the Synthrotek Verb. The guy who makes that stuff is a shitty person and his products aren’t that great anyway. You could get this for your 1U row:


Correct me if I’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure the monome Ansible module replaces the functionality of Meadowphysics, white whale and earthsea. They’re discontinued. Good news is that opens up a few more Hp in your rack for more modules! I would definitely add a fixed filter bank and another small mixer or two to shape the spectral content of… pretty much everything. I like the Make Noise FXDF. I also can’t stress the importance of mixers in a system like yours, with lots of VCOs with multiple waveform outputs, and many modulation hungry modules like the ER-301 and clouds, adding mixers will greatly increase the capability of your rack.

Seconded on the advice to ditch the synthrotek verb. Not only is the owner an asshole but his modules are known to have issues all the time.

The Erica Synths Pico DSP is smaller and has more FX algorithms than just reverb!

Other than that, I’d say try to find some room for a randomness module. Randomness is one of the best ways to get an ambient patch moving, evolving and breathing.


Ansible contains a version of Meadowphysics and White Whale’s alternative firmware Kria. It doesn’t replace Earthsea, nor the original WW firmware.

(It also does other stuff, like interface with Arcs and MIDI controllers.)


The meadowphysics differences are discussed here

Also having meadowphysics available when using Ansible in a different mode in general is incredibly powerful.


Love that Erica Synths Pico DSP! That’s for the heads up on that…

As for randomness, doesn’t the Intellijet Noise Tools accomplish this?


Yeah, my thought was being able to run multiple patterns on say WW & MP and using Ansible w/ arc… Or can ansible run multiple programs concurrently? Also, I was thinking of running Orca on WW, that doesn’t translate to Ansible does it?


Whatever you choose, get things slowly. Your plans now are based on what you think you will want to use/will need, but in reality things will be quite different, You’ll have to spend time with your instrument to really know what you actually want to use.

Very specific advice : if you can try wavefolders somewhere. check the WMD/SSF Ultrafold. I had a uFold2 and traded it with someone for an Ultrafold that I like much more (the feedback input and inout overdrive are excellent for my purposes).


Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

It does, but it’s not as full featured as something like the Make Noise Wogglebug or Steady State Fate Ultra Random Analog. If you’re into randomness and chance, you may likely find that only one random source with one output(like the noise tools) is not enough for a rig of that size. Full sized random modules often have functionality that allows them to be influenced by external sources, allowing the modules you’re modulating to in turn modulate your random source, creating amazing feedback loops and weird behaviors. For ambient I think it’s really fun.


yep, orca is ww only (for now)


Nope, just 1 at a time


i’ll swap the quad doepfer vco maybe with like 3 sto or a Quadnic (if you need four voices) and for the monome part i’ll go with ansible+earthsea+walk+teletype (maybe swapping tides for just friends)


That Quadnic looks pretty damn cool… Any thoughts on the noise I’ve seen in a few videos? Do you use it?

I currently run 6+ patterns in MaxMSP to build layers, that’s why I thought WW + MP as well… I could layer 4 patterns at once.

Someone else suggested ditching Just Friends for the Tides! :slight_smile: Can you give a quick take on why JF over Tides?

Cheers to all for the great comments, so helpful!


i think JF is brilliant, great osc, great envelope and great slow lfo
its the core of every patch i make, and i’m planning on getting a second one (just for just type use)


Yes that sounds delightful :ok_hand:t3:, and running Orca on WW is a great idea. I see others have replied about Ansible running one program at a time already.


In terms of VCOs, anyone have experience with Klavis Twin Waves?


Do you plan on having it for Ansible? ETA?


possibly, but no ETA yet. definitely at least a few months out.


Not sure on the reliability of the source. But in was looking at the Quadnic and was told is a rather noisy module.

I ended up taking some advice from patch notes and comments conversations on YouTube by artists whose sound I enjoy. This lead me to choose the STO as my first osc. Complex enough to try alot of experiments!