Modular sets nyc?

I was wondering if anyone in Brooklyn/NYC is doing any modular/ambient/noise sets within the next few weeks?


Is it OK if I expand on this and ask if anyone knows of any regular/ongoing shows or venues that cater to ambient, noise, modular, experimental music? I know Trans Pecos, H0L0, The Keep, and Silent Barn have some stuff from time to time.


I will be performing this project (with full modular live sound):

At the Gibney Dance Center on Feb. 8, 9, 10 at 8:00pm

Hope you can make it!


ummmmm… yep, going to this. Looks amazing. Thanks!

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Make sure to stop by and say “Hi” after the show,
(We usually invite the audience to mingle on stage afterwards and take a closer look at all the objects and meet performers!)

this looks amazing! I am working on a photo series documenting live eurorack performers and i would love to get some shots of this show!

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Sounds great!
Do you know which date you might be able to come?
I will check with the crew about the photo arrangements.

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most likely saturday the 10th

should i buy tickets online or can i pay at the door?

Either is possible, but online tickets are cheaper. At the door, I think Gibney adds some fee.

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I’ll be doing some Max/Ableton cyber-shred with MSHR at Heck this weekend!

@laborcamp this looks awesome (and Gibney Dance is great) - will definitely try and come by.

As far as modular/weirdo/out stuff, Issue Project Room and Roulette do plenty of heavy shows, in addition to “new music”/modern classical, out improv, etc. The New Ear Festival at Fridman Gallery will have some bleep bloops, and Muchmores in Williamsburg has the Monthly Modular series. Also Control has events sometimes, and the non-profit I’m at Harvestworks puts on plenty of out/electronic shows.

Theres a rly fun sound art exhibit called Sonic Arcade at Mueseum of Art and Design too - Tony R from make noise has some stuff in it, and bunch of other great pieces too.

Feel like I’m forgetting plenty tho - will add more as I remember it-

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would you be interested in doing a bill together at Harvestworks? I’m looking get some performers together and a space to do a little DIY modular show in NYC!


The Monthly Modular Series at Muchmore’s is over, unfortunately :frowning:

ill be swinging by nyc early march with my case, if slots available & interested, would love to join

here’s a live recording:

cool - send me some tunes!

ive got some unreleased stuff that i could email to you if youre interested