Modular synth lifestyle marketing?


weird, also this system looks super familiar.

found by @jonat8han


Asheville, NC is the real kicker here for me :rofl:

Although shouldn’t they have used Pressure Points rather than Tetrapad in the video then?


haha amazing. That’s probably a somewhat familiar scene in some of our homes.


Ha! Saw this while watching baseball last night


teletype controlled homes is the future!


She looks uncomfortable.


Science! Music! Art!
As a father of two girls: I Love it.


Well, she’s a Varigate 8+ user. :grimacing:


haha. i was in charge of the synth spot for this shoot (except that laying down position was the director’s choice). that’s probably why it looks familiar! :smile:

that’s my patch playing too and i taught the girl how to make it move.


Can anyone ID the case? It has the look of a Dark Modular …


yep dark modular. it’s an almost exact replica of my blue case


i knew it looked familiar!!! and when i saw the speakers i knew it had to be someone on lines!


I work in sync licensing to pay for my synth habit. The preponderance of briefs I see are for less expensive songs to sub in for mega hits or jingles by another name. I can honestly say I never expected to see an advert with a modular system or track - perhaps just lack of imagination on my part. Someone should get extra credit for this. Waiting for the gold rush on modular artists now:grin:


this is the production house and director -

stacy kept the synth for himself and his kids.


i work at a post/editorial house in Venice and we cut a bunch of his spots. small world. . .


yes it really really is


Just emailed Derrick with the news that it aired, got this response:

Hey Bob!

This is rad. I built one for an ad a while back. Didn’t know what it was for until now! Thank you.


yay! yeah this thread was also the first time i had seen the commercial haha.


Didn’t you talked about getting an offer for selling your case in a podcast a while ago? So it was for this commercial?


This seems relatively harmless given the putrid cesspool that is contemporary marketing but still gives me a small dose of the weird feels… the close relationship between race/ housing / education and the coding of synths as white. Somewhere in the vector thought space formed by those variables, trying to connect the dots in a way that’s not overly-polemical but failing. Maybe just my own anxiety (causing the weird feel or the inability to articulate it delicately).

Counterpoint: is synth representation something to be stoked on or just more object fetishism?

Heard talk of this deal on yoni’s pod + recall some trepidation re at least the second of these issues.

edit: cosmic perspective on this is that it’s basically benign and even if not I’d take no issue with the individual actors involved in the process (us living in such a tangled web and all). Just uncanny enough to springboard some other discussions by exploring the weird feel