Modular synth lifestyle marketing?


yeah, I felt this weirdness too—the synth ends up fitting into a broader picture of white affluence that the ad is more or less selling the website on the back of. It’s a shame that this is the way modular synths “make sense”, but it’s also pretty easy to see why that might be…

(Also, like, that girl is basically a much younger version of me so, like, I’m not saying it’s not me too)


A+! Lost ten pounds and fortified my abdominal wall by reading this post.


yeah yoni and i talked about this and i didn’t sell my case. i contacted derrick and asked him about making a new one with part of the budget that i was given for putting the synth together.

i agree the commercial feels weird. a lot of things i feel like i don’t have the capacity to get into a discussion about online… but for me it was a random email i got one day and a good paying job which as someone who works on a job to job freelance basis, something i needed to take. ultimately i was told to make for them a synth that looked similar to mine that the director saw in a youtube video, but wasn’t really told anything about what it was going to be other than a commercial with a girl playing it in her room.


I never expected an aspirational real estate ad of all things to strike a blow against the (normative white male) gatekeepers of modular synthesis, but progress on that front is good wherever it comes from. Should’ve figured @stripes was a consultant on this!


Once upon a time I was asked and paid to contribute to an ‘open source’ project that was a ‘gift’ to the ‘community’. Turns out, it was a commercial product sold for a substantial markup. One can do only so much with only so much information :confused: I consider myself really lucky to keep my art outside of my means to live.


It’s kinda nuts that they actually BOUGHT a system for the ad, rather than, just rent/borrow one.


there is so much money in advertising. . .


i’m in the wrong business.


as someone who’s “real job” is music for various ads or ad-like things, it’s astounding how much money these companies throw around for marketing


so, how do we spin Lines into a fledgling consulting firm? (so we can all get spending money for modules, obviously)


im glad you got this gig!!

when i saw this i got weirded out by it (for a wide variety of reasons) but also guessed it was likely a lines person that was involved and was happy they got a paycheck. that said, i totally get the weirdness. i have worked in the film/post/advertising industry for years and the weirdness is totally justified. i feel conflicted all the time yet i work with mostly great people and it pays the bills so…


on some productions it might end up actually costing more to rent something - so it gets outright purchased instead.

(also perhaps - insurance issues?)


I think the synth here maybe wasn’t meant to represent privilege but rather, wrap up “science” and “the arts” in one convenient object.

At least the framing was in positive terms rather than “keep my daughter out of scary schools.” I went to a racially diverse school district that mostly covered lower income areas, but my parents had developed a paranoia about drugs, gangs, crime etc. and sent my younger sibling to private school. I think I had the better experience. That was one of my first young adult clues that my parents weren’t as progressive as I had thought they were.

I’d judge the ad as generally positive – girls in STEM and all that – but not woke.


always that sliding metric we gotta use when absorbing information across an age / power / money differential.

“Not as progressive as it could be but hey there’s some good stuff going on here.”

Anecdotes about getting paid for things (relevant to anxiety embedded in my initial post)

Once had a run in with a major writing for an artist I’m now sure they had no intention of putting out. Got paid but dude was locked in a contract and shelved. Still feel weird about it.

Turned down by far the biggest check of my life featuring in a gran marnier commerical cuz they wanted to put me in glasses and suspenders in a sort of ‘pale kid raps fast’ parody. They eventually made the commerical featuring a beat boxer and, given its various insensitivities, I’m glad to have recused myself.


The commercial is very specific about place (Asheville home of Moog and Make Noise) and combining that with modular seemed intentional to me. Maybe so obvious it doesn’t need to be said, I dunno. I’d be surprised if is only airing this spot in that market. And I’d be interested to know how the spot differs in other parts of the country (re-casting, Spanish-language, entirely different, etc.) if anyone happens to see one. The different versions of the commercial (if they even exist) could help give some context for evaluating this version.


The site is definitely a good resource for this!

There’s a Spanish-language one set in Florida (“you want a backyard”), one with Black actors set in New Jersey (“you want restaurants, and a kitchen you’ll cook in … someday”), a very mildly racial one in the suburbs of Chicago (“you want the right school district for your boys”) etc etc.

Most of the few that I just watched have, like, muted opulence displayed and unstated, but the Asheville one screamed that the loudest for me


That was fast! Thank you! Thinking about how this all works together now…


It requires all of my willpower not to vomit paragraphs of socialist red all over this post. :sweat_smile: I will just say, having moved in and out of various class brackets in my life, the way money scales contextually is… upsetting.


Is yoni’s pod a podcast?


“The Wandering Wolf”