Modular synth lifestyle marketing?


idno i just cant get over how cringey the film is on a whole. Porches marketing films have been terrible for some time now…

As far as thoughts about it modular synth lifestyle hmm i cant elaborate too much but it trails on observations ive made about the evolution of electronic music performance where the DJ/Producer/process became a star focus point rather than sound…gigs where everybody is just staring at the performer and his setup watching him push his buttons and lights in a zombi like trance. Even just all dancing in one direction facing the performer…the result of the I jdont wanna listen to an artist who performs like someone checking their email sentiment. Maybe it also started with guys like Kieth emerson using big ass systems to make the most plebeian patch.(Sorry I havnt actually heard any muysic by him)


Grayson Perry


With apologies, the thought that came to mind for me is: the cheeky bastards at Porsche’s agency found a way to get a Porsche ad onto lines!


“Alexa, order more patch cables.”


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but its that line of thought that may allow advertising to play the role that it does.


I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m quite following your line of reasoning. Would you mind elaborating on your meaning?


honestly i dont follow it myself im just typing what makes sense at the momement!!
I always felt like id be gr8 at adertising…but in the opposite way


You’re probably right about that. And the weird thing is: that’s exactly the kind of talent the ad industry yearns to acquire. It’s how they co-opt previously un-colonialized vistas…


Capitalism is really good at absorbing ideological dissonance…


OK in seriousness i have close friends in advertising/pr n shit…and really it just feels like they are just doing whatever in hope that something clicks…and when ur constantly approaching life from the gaining some influence perspective point of view its just dillusional…so i would never give THEM any such credit is what i was getting at.


exactly…and its pathetic really lol!


Pathetic that creatives fall for it? Yeah. Amazing what folks will do to put food on the table. :wink:

Look, I can’t really judge here. I’m guilty as the next guy. Hell, I doubt any of us can really cast stones here.


If you want a peek into the very thoughtfully orchestrated current generation of advertising based on research in behavioral psychology (and feel like cowering in a corner for a bit) this podcast interview is some evil shit:

Edit: As an aside, to expand on my evil qualifier – the subject of this interview is a really smart & thoughtful guy but I would describe pretty much every tactic and perspective discussed in this podcast as structurally evil all the same. The idea of deploying “added value” as a lever toward greater profit is the basic idea being presented here. To take it back on topic a bit, in this case the modular synth is signaling qualities that car company X or whatever want to inject into their dingus. So you show someone using a modular synth next to the dingus and now there’s a connection between the modular synth and the dingus, where there otherwise is absolutely none. The dingus is always going to be a dingus, but I might be more likely to buy the dingus because I feel a certain way, not because I need a dingus or for any concrete aspect of the dingus itself. The dingus basically doesn’t matter. The problem with this is the audacity to exploit this reproducible tendency in most people for the antisocial purpose of accumulating wealth. When you optimize your system for intangible value and profit, none of the rest of the thing matters much. Capitalists like to talk about incentive – the incentive in all cases here is to optimize on profit, and everything else is secondary. In the field of pharmacology and medical research, the subjects of pharmacology and medical research become secondary to profit. As a pharmaceutical company the problem isn’t really “how do we make the best medicines” its more like “how do we maximize profit” with some post-rationalizing tack-on like “how do we maximize profit while making great medicines”. The answer to the latter isn’t going to look like what is most benevolent or useful, it’s going to look like what is most profitable while appearing to stay acceptably within some cultural margin of moral behavior… in the end that might be totally benign or crushingly toxic, but the point is that result is secondary…


No no…your getting me all wrong…i
but what i mean is…the ad guys r like the uncool smart (but had no clue where to apply the projected smartness) kids in school who are trying to be cool…and they kind of get away with it…the cool kids are cool cos of the uncool kids making them cool and thats the end of that…then there are the underground genuinely cool kids who r just like whatever n see the shit for what it is…

edit( and i feel a bit sad when those underground cool kids get into the advertising industry)


Yes it is pretty obvious what they are trying to do…thats why I called their actions pathetic. We have collectively made them into to the storytellers of our time.


I used to think I knew what “cool” meant. Took me a long time to understand just how derivative the most seemingly original works can be. Much of what we think of as “cool” may be authentically original but is far more likely to be a pastiche of culture, much of which is provided by and driven with ad-fueled popular works.

I don’t mean to diminish the value of these works though. Culture is the soup we are swimming and cooking in. You gotta express yourself and we are bound to reflect our surroundings and experiences when we do.

Advertising is, in many ways, unavoidable in the current paradigm.


Yes there is beauty in it. I find it brilliantly portrayed through the lens of the current aesthetic/vaporwave scene