Modular synthesis artists


What artists do you like who work with modular synths?

I made this playlist on Spotify:


Datach’i comes to mind.


I wrote about two modular artists I enjoy in another thread - Thomas Lehn and Don Hassler.

Here’s a link to save duplicating the same thing here.


although keith fullerton whitman appears in good place in your playlist, i add this live (which is to my humble opinion a very good period of his work) :

i also like Nelson Baboon’s work a lot (ancient eyeball recipe).


Rastko is one of my favorite Serge artists -

Also there are a few netlabels worth looking at Vicmod and gameoflife

other artists are Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Charles Cohen, Morton Subotnick, Suzanne Ciani, Benge, Venetian Snares, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, John Chantler


Richard Devine always reminds me of this…


thanks! i added some of your suggestions to the playlist


I suspect many of the ones I really love don’t identify as modular synthesists :open_mouth:


yeah ‘modular synthesis artists’ is an problematic category… where does the modular stop and the computer begin? does aalto count as modular for example? the artists i added to the playlist on spotify work on the modular, but also with a ‘modular mind’: experimental, with the focus on timbre variation and complex rhythms.

edit: and where does my need to categorize in the first place comes from?


I’ll say James Holden as usual :slight_smile:

I like that piece.


thanks totally forgot about him. listening to this now and it’s great:



I so think of categories like “great guitarists” so why not also for modular synthesizer players? To answer my own rhetorical question, I think part of the reason that I don’t like the category “great modular artists” is that modular synthesizers are all different instruments and so it’s harder to compare modular artists in the same apples-to-apples way that one could imagine comparing guitarists. (Disclaimer: I play guitar and modular synth and I greatly respect many artists that use one or both instruments. I’m just a nerd enjoying a discussion of semantics.)


check this performance…

also monome+arc user btw


spotted an arc around 12 mins in :slight_smile:


Anyone some suggestions that aren’t included in the playlist?


I just made this playlist open so you can add things too if you want to :slight_smile:


found geoff thru local venue rhizome
havent made it to one of his shows yet tho


great stuff, mostly Serge:


I know him… it’s all old Buchla systems