Modular tightness, to divide or multiply?

I’ve been clocking modular from a trigger sample from my soundcard straight into a makenoise tempi and the timing has been super tight. Thing is, I’ve only got two audio outs on my soundcard and have just installed an intellijel umidi so I’d rather use it’s clock out if possible, there is a 16th out and an out where you can specify the division. My problem is that using the midi clocks already feels a bit more sloppy and so I was wondering, to minimise this, what opinions are on sending out a divided clock from the umidi and multiplying on the tempi vs dividing the 16th with the tempi. Any idea whether one of these situations would level out the instabilities in the clock more than the other, or are they exactly the same? Thanks HN

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bump. Any thoughts on this? Anyone using a umidi and/or tempi together?

have you tried observing the recordings in a DAW to see if there really is much of a difference? i had a uMIDI (briefly) and didn’t notice anything of the sort.

Ah so obvious, should have thought of a simple test like that. Moving house at the moment but will report with results if anyone is interested.

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I’d be surprised if the MIDI clock was really sloppy… I wrote the code to be fairly tight when it comes to clock timing. My measurements during development showed very low jitter. Of course it depends on the original MIDI clock source to a large degree, or that some bug crept in at later stages…

Could very well be my computer or the daw or I’m just making shit up in my head, it’s happened before. Thanks for the reply.