Modular Wavetable Repository

ModularWavetable Repository

So I recently got a hardware wavetable oscillator, Disting EX (Wavetable algorithm), And it’s probably the simplest on Rack 2 is to use the native wavetable oscillator or any other that you like

So I decied to create my own wavetables, and thought maybe to share my techniques as well as maybe someone else would like to do the same.

Everyone has a unique system of things, whether hardware or software, so it’s super interesting to exchange wavetables, and your very own way of modulating the sound.

So just as to get an insight of the wavetables to come, here is my rack on modulargrid (current 06.2022)

I wrote as well an info.txt inside the folder to have an idea about how the waves in that bank collection was produced.

I would advise you do the same if you are willing to share.

Prerequisites (optional):

  1. WaveEdit Software from Synthesis Technology
  2. Program to edit the wav files/DAW or something more simple, daw is better
  3. Recorder/Sampler/Computer
  4. Wavetable Oscillator, can be any which accepts the format mentioned, I think it would work on stock VCV rack wavetable oscillator, but feel free to send feedback if it works on other oscillators
  5. Optional conversion tool: ffmpeg

5.1 you’ll need to install homebrew and ffmpeg from homebrew on Mac

Or you can do it from your daw if you can to convert to the specified format below:

Wav file format (These are local to Disting EX Module, maybe others use 1 or 2 other formats, but please feel free to test them on your favorite oscillator if you like, then send me some feedback, would be great!


41K sample rate


length in ms: 375ms

length in bars: using 110 bpm, []) - [] (in bars in bitwig studio)

So here is my process workflow at the moment:

  1. Create the wavetable

1.1 record audio from your synth or sampler or anything

  1. Import Audio: into the daw of choice/ or any wav file editor

2.1 cut to length

2.2 you may need to squash or stretch the audio to match the length specified

2.2.1 this is done in bitwig by changing the sample bpm, and I use stretching mode Elastique Solo

2.3 export audio

  1. Open in WaveEdit: File → Open Bank, choose the recorded wav file

3.1 Select the little circle on wave 0, on the left-side panel

3.2 Check the checkbox called ‘Cycle’ to fix the phase, that beginning is same as end of the wave, so it oscillates nicely

3.3 press down arrow (to select the next wave)

3.4 check ‘cycle’… do this over from wave 0 to 63, I leave the mouse pointer on checkbox, and keep pressing down arrow and then click…etc

3.5 Save Bank As → yourfile.wav

  • I will create a folder with your username (or any name you choose) in the wavetable repository
  1. You may need to adjust the gain after cycling, so the oscillator is not too quite

  2. convert it using the command above (linux/mac) or any other conversion tool like audacity

find . -name “*.wav” -exec ffmpeg -i {} -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 1 -ar 44100 {}_.wav ;

  1. zip them

  2. upload and PM me the link, and will upload it to main repo (you can use wetransfer or any other file hosting platform)

Wave Creation Ideas

  • Manual Knob Wiggling

  • Modulate to taste

  • …Your ideas here

Wavetables Repository Download:

Current state:

Total 3 wavetable bank collections, 1 contributer

  1. Frap Tools Brenso Complex Oscillator (Triangle Core) + Modulations
  2. Brenso + Crazy Sequenced Modulation from Make Noise 0-Control, over mostly shaped square wave
  3. Brenso Raw Waves/Yellow + Red + wave-shaping in Expert Sleepers Disting EX
  4. Maths as an Oscillator into linear FM Brenso, going Triangle Wave out through RYO Altered States Bandpass

More info on the info.txt files, just wanted to give a summary here or an example, I will keep updating this shared repository, and you’re welcome to join :wink:

link: Nextcloud by

password: SquishedWaves55!!


  • The slowest part of the process is the cycling of waves in WaveEdit

---- Open for ideas on how to automate this, I’m currently researching an automation tool if there is such a thing for desktop apps, I just found out that you can do such a task with AppleScript on Mac, Maybe I’ll put some code or someone would like to contribute :slight_smile:

  • naming #0: just doing as the existing examples

  • naming #1: try as much to put some meaningful names to the folder or and use simple numeric counter on the files, as well as include an info.txt which says something about them, feel free to group them into folders as u see fit

  • naming #2: alternatively come up with your own words :smiley: with a mix of syllables of choice :smiley:

  • This is very much up for modification/extension, it’s just a collection of ideas, and process I am having fun with, and thought to share…

Just an FYI, you will probably end up with something new, it will not sound the same as the source. Subtle wave-shaping will be done by cycling + major would be by modulation and processing.

but if u modulate enough, it will be like playing your patch as an oscillator, which you can add another layer of modulation, endless fun :smiley:

++ Add to that, that WaveEdit has its own wave-shaping capabilities, so you can also add to taste :slight_smile:

Mostly the result would be very special!

JUST an FYI, I’m extremely Annoyed that I posted the same post on the VCV Rack User Group and it got immediately deleted, no idea why or what’s the violation and nobody mentioned anything either!

Hope you like this initiative and have fun with the waves :)))