Module documentation / manuals in PDF format

Hi all,

Maybe I just did not find the right place to look for but I wonder if there are manuals of the trilogy/teletype in pdf format somewhere?

i was looking for the exact same thing,so that i can study them offline - what I ended up doing was printing the web pages to pdf format - which worked for me - it should work with most web browsers

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If you use iOS you can also save the page to pdf and read in iBooks. That’s what I do for everything.

Yes, this works - had not thought about it. But you get those unpleasant page breaks then…:cry:

I got used to the pdf printed online manuals now. But they have those boxes that are filled with code examples and descriptions of the commands. Some of them contain more text then would fit into them so you have to scroll left/right to read all. That does not work anymore when printed to pdf and a part of the text is cut. Is tehre a way to get scale the content of the boxes in a way that you can print the page?

For clarification I recorded something to video:

you could always download the source from

they are written in markdown. get a markdown editor and you should be able to format them however you want before printing.

ok, thank you…