Module Idea - i2c Offset & Attenuator

TL;DR i2c control of a Offset & Attenuverter. Does any such module exist? Are there any major barriers preventing its development? In my Dunning-Kruger electronics dev brain it is as simple as using digital potentiometers with an i2c capable control board.

This morning I was contemplating the SSSR Labs Matrixarchate and its potential as a live euro rack patch-manager. If you don’t know, it is a 16x8 matrix switch that can be controlled by i2c. I think it’d be cool to be able to use the Teletype & Matrixarchate as a combo preset manager. But, often I’d want modulation to be offset or attenuated differently based on the destination and when in the live set I am. I think this could be accomplished efficiently if there was another module that performed Offset & Attenuversion and responded to i2c.

I imagine a Teletype command would be something like:

OA.w x y z

W = Target Module address
X = Target Channel on target module
Y = Offset Value in VV
X = Attenuversion value in +/- VV

I guess the pipe dream is being able to achieve something like the Preset Switching that Malekko has with their Varigate, LFO, Envelope, & VCA modules but expanding into the reset of the modular system by focusing on the utilities and routing. Teletype as the brains & a CV sequencer, TXO as LFO, Matrixarchate for routing, and this hypothetical module as VCA.