Modules to pair with / extend an 0-Coast?

Got the 0-Coast a few weeks ago and so, surprise, surprise, I want to dive into eurorack. After I settle on a case, what module would you suggest I get first to pair up with the 0-coast?

Make Noise folks suggested a function but I haven’t seen any vids of what that would sound like.

if it helps, I have enjoyed creating drones and self patching the 0-Coast more than playing it via midi on a keyboard.

I have a keystep and drum machine, but I wouldn’t be opposed to replacing those with modules.

Thanks for any tips on this!


Getting a function generator is a good idea, as it would let you create more complex modulation, but I would (and did) opt for the Maths, as it’s (more or less) two Functions, plus a 4-channel mixer, plus utilities.

The very first Eurorack module I got, though, was actually the Erbe-Verb (I also already had a standalone synth). Reverb makes everything sound better (especially when using headphones rather than speakers), and the Erbe-Verb has a lot of modulation possibilities.

(There’s no particular reason to stick with Make Noise modules, of course. There’s also no particular reason not to.)


Depends on your preferences for timbre. I have no modular plans, only a “standalone” 0-coast, but would absolutely appreciate an extra oscillator to feed back into 0-coast’s control inputs.

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I think the function is suggested also because it’s less expensive so I get that. Hmm, might be a stepping stone to the Maths really.

Yeah, it doesn’t have to be Make Noise gear but everything they have does look great!

I actually wouldn’t t be against DIY modules if it meant that I can learn more from building them and save a little money.

Thanks for you reply!

Yeah a second VCO seems like it be fun too. I mean it’s going to happen at some point and I wonder what one vco would work with the 0-coast…

Thanks for the reply!

I’d recommend the Toppobrillo Sport Modulator. Maths or Function would give you the same general thing as the function part of the 0-coast. The Sport Modulator, which I’ve heard described as the inside out version of Maths, would give you a lot of functionality and a very different take on modulation.


feel like I would go with maybe some sort of sample/digital-y module to give some nice contrast and leverage all the modulation capabilities of the 0-Coast- maybe like a Phonogene or Morphogene, or even an MI Clouds to run yr 0-Coast into?


I’ve been really craving another VCA to go with my 0-Coast for doing more modulation synthesis type stuff; whenever I patch any audio rate modulation I always end up cursing the fact that I can’t control the amount of modulation with an envelope…

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Why not keep your money in your pocket and spend more time with the 0Coast?

Running it into a computer and using free VST audio effects would really increase the sound sculpture possibilities for reverb/ spectral stuff.

MIDI VSTs will allow for some fun sequencing and you can use any sort of audio generation device for triggers so an app like Triggerbox will give you all sorts of Euclidean rhythms.

the external audio in will take any samples/field recordings you can throw at it, so play around with that, especially maybe using VCVrack or any other free modular VST.

Keep saving for a case and a few modules then make up your own mind. Its cool to start slowly and use easily accessible digital or ‘virtual’ choices to find where you want to go.


Mutable Instruments Tides or Mannequins Just Friends.

Both are wonderful modulation sources that double as excellent oscillators.

Alternatively, get an Expert Sleepers ES-8 or CV.OCD and use Reaktor, VCVRack, Max, or whatever you want to sequence and modulate the synth without falling into the Eurorack vortex :slight_smile:


Fair enough. Playing with VCV was a tipping point into buying a 0-coast. I have not returned to messing with my computer partially becuase of personal choice. I work in front of screens all day, I like the break my screenless set up.

I have an old dj mixer with two effect banks that have been really fun to use with the o-coast and I use various sources on the 0-coast to dictate tempo for my pocket operators. Although I did get a keystep last week, spending all that time with just the 0-coast was well worth it and you are right with spending just more time with it.

I might be down to check out that app though because I see the Euclidean gear out there and I am interested. I actually might take back the keystep because it’s knobby enough for my taste,haha.

Thanks for your reply!


Too late! Already booked my flight to the Eurorack Vortex! Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check them out.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Wrapping my head around the demo video now.

Yeah, I can see that. Great suggestions! Thanks!

Could anyone with an 0-Coast and a function make a quick vid of them playing together or share an example patch? Lots of thanks!

I may be able to do this tomorrow: anything in particular you’d like to see? You mean a Make Noise function yeah?

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Thanks! Yes the Make Noise function.

I found a few more posts on other forum from the past year of people asking this same what-should-I-get-next question for the 0-coast. The function comes up a lot and on a few occasions some OPs reflect on how that was the best move. Funny though, I haven’t seen any vids of it in practice.

Maybe something with freeze feature. I don’t have a clear understanding of how that works. Again, thank you!

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Oops I meant the hang feature. < Okay, here’s a somewhat messy attempt at video featuring the 0 Coast and the Function


Yes! This was great and I love, love your Youtube name!

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