Modules to pair with / extend an 0-Coast?


I was just playing with my 0-Coast. I would say just get the dirtiest tube based drive/distortion thing you can and slam it really hard, and that’ll keep you busy for hours.


Here is a track with only 0-coast and sport modulator > As a module it is a lot tougher to explain than the Function, but that’s what I like about it.


I spent hours yesterday digging into the Ornament and Crime, I suspect that could do some interesting things to a 0-coast


Wild. Thanks for sharing!


Saw the video. Great demo. Definitely making my first module choice easier with all this feedback. I think you have a niche content idea for more videos.


I have been looking at clock dividers too. You have any of those?:nerd_face:


Supposed to be getting a Tempi this weekend, will try and figure it out and make a vid. A clock divider doesn’t strike me as an obvious choice, as there aren’t very many trigger inputs on the 0 coast, but I will give it a good try!


I know, right. I am pretty sure I will get a VCO or a voice sooner than later which may me think of the dividers which made me wonder what a divider could do with 0C.


You can run a square wave at audio rate (from an 0-Coast!) into a clock divider’s input and get musically divided square waves from the clock divider’s outputs. You’d probably need a mixer to run the separate outputs into, but it’s fun for creating droning chords. Sounds especially great through a lowpass filter with the resonance up and the cutoff lowered. :smiley:


Awesome. Thanks for the patch idea!


Got a tempi this weekend and futzed around a little while trying to make something interesting. I had some success using the slope to open the gates on the tempi (I think that’s what happening, honestly its very new to me). Here’s a track with just the tempi and the 0-coast (little bit of reverb added in audacity).


whoa, that went from water drops to R2D2 quick! Thanks for patching!


So because of a wild chain of events (see the “What’s is this module” thread in the equipment category) the first module I paired with the 0-Coast was a WMD Chimera. Messing with eoc and slope to modulate the Chimera is great . I also messed with using the 0-coast’s audio processing with a good degree of satisfaction.

I guess the moral of the story is any module will work with the 0-Coast. Now what should I get for my second module…:nerd_face:


I own a 0-Coast
No other modulars
But… before spending tons of money, invest in a couple of stackable patchcables…
REALLY enhances the capabilities of the 0-Coast and they’re not super expensive :slight_smile:

just my 2ct


do i understand correctly that minijack splitters e.g. monomult/multiple can be used too? less inviting to attach multiple sources to the same input


I think you are on to something here. I have been using splitters in the mean time and it really has been a game changer. I didn’t realize when first getting into this.


Hey Guys n Gals,

I recently bought an 0-coast and LOVE IT.

However I wanna buy a few more modular units to do things I can’t do ATM.

  1. I use tempo from my DAW mostly but want to be able to for example cut it into fractions or multiple it with say dotted or triplets etc, maybe with multiple different outputs

  2. A FILTER??? the one thing not on the 0-coast!!! preferable a complex one

  3. distortion???

I have about $1000 to spend

advice needed as a modular noob



Have a look at this thread maybe:


did see that thread but wanted advice tailored to my OP…?


Maybe a second full voice synth for more interactions and something of a totally diff flavour…like the intellijel atlantis or mother 32…I would choose atlantis…then u can get some clock divide over that if u wanna(I believe the mother 32 does multiply when using with midi…
U can also get tempo variations using ur 0 coast envelopes.
As a noob I would avoid getting into buying any collection of individual modules till ur more familiar.