Modules to pair with / extend an 0-Coast?


If you’re going for a second synth you might as well get a second 0-coast :smiley:
The usual modular filter favourites aside, Bastl Softpop has a yummy filter in it, though its a whole fiddly box on its own. Could be their Cinnamon module is the same circuit. 0-coast made me want more modulation sources, including audio-rate modulation, so the originally recommended post above still stands. For tempo multiples maybe a cv.ocd or 4ms clock multiplier (or divider, or both, depending on your particular likes), or the Bastl Little Nerd, why not. Depending on your timbre preferences, maybe another classic like Rings, Brads/Plaits, Tides…


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I was going to say that you can almost never go wrong with Three Sisters or Belgrad. I’m not sure I would pair a filter with the 0-Coast, though – maybe a more traditional-sounding LPG and an alternative wavefolder to the built-in one.

For clock manipulation Pamela’s New Workout is often suggested, but I think an Ornament & Crime or uO_C with Hemisphere Suite will have you covered and also provide many other useful functions.

For distortion… I don’t usually think about pairing distortion with a wavefolding-based voice, but I like Instruo tanh[3] so far. I have a Bard Ivan on the way too and am interested to find out how it compares.

When I had an 0-Coast, I thought Make Noise Function and any basic VCO were good companions to it.


Marbles would be an interesting companion for 0 coast. I’m sure I am under-using/misusing mine, but I love it as a brain/mini-sequencer of a system and think it would have some cool interplay with 0 coast.


I’d probably be super happy with a Marbles/0-coast setup. there’s a lot of potential in that combo.


Hi, That was my post from so long ago. One module that paired well with my o-coast early on was the MI Elements. Use it as a second voice (either module could be a bass line), use as percussion (something the o-coast can do too), and my favorite, use it as a sound processor (0-coast can do this too.) I think the rest of your 1k can go to sequencing (sq-1 is favorite) and more modulation (WMD’s Modbox (can be a clock divider too)).


Over the course of beta testing the new Rene v2, I found it paired really well with the 0-Coast. Using one sequence for quantized pitch+gate, and the other sequences for triggering the Slope generator and un-quantized CV for modulation of other parameters. Tempi was also useful in addition, since it has integration with R2 and provided a way to clock the sequences and MOD inputs separately (as opposed to mult’ing the 0-Coast clock to the X/Y clock inputs).

I guess if you’re mainly sequencing via MIDI, I’d suggest something like Maths. The combo of voltage mixing/or/inversion, plus function generators really augments what’s already there on the 0-Coast. The 0-Coast actually has quite a bit of modulation outputs, but the onboard mixer is only two inputs. For single module, the multi-purposefulness of Maths goes a long away too. Clock division, Gate delay/width modulation, burst generation, slew/portamento, etc.


A bit late on this but if you havent found it yet here is a nice youtube:


Hello, in order to not create a new topic, I want to ask a reverse question: is it worth getting 0-coast if I already have a 204hp eurorack, with enough analogue oscillators, filters, wavefolder, as well as modulation options? I feel like 0-coast has it’s own flavor and interesting shapes soundwise, but curious what your all have to say about this.


Hmm, I sold mine after hitting the 104hp 6u mark. Mostly because it was too much to travel with. The set up is unique but not so much that I would rack it or buy another one. All the modules I got after it are more interesting to me.


I love my MS-20 for being my modular away from modular. I can get the benefits of the workflow and flexibility without the sometimes bewildering amount of options and choices I have. I expect if I had an 0-coast I would feel similarly. I don’t know how much that idea resonates with you, but it’s one possible reason for it to be worth getting


Yes, I think I kept for a few extra months because of the nostalgia and also it is a great source of modulation. I almost was using it exclusively for modulation in fact towards the end.


0-coast was a gateway into “small” for me. I’ve been selling stuff a lot faster than buying stuff since I got one. But who knows, I now have a newfound interest in Make Noise as a result, so maybe things will expand for me again in the future. Not right now though.

With regard to pairing: everything pairs nicely with ER-301.


0-coast + Cold Mac + QPAS?


I had one for about a year, alongside a 6U system that tree to 9U. I found it fun to work with, usuaully patching it on its own or with a PLL, a second VCO or Mini Slew. It taught me a lot about patching function generators in fun ways.

I eventually felt like I outgrew it after I had Function, Contour and Dynamix in my rack and other wavefilders whose timbre I preferred.


This is what i did post 0-coast, totally opened up the rabbit hole. Great fun and can be used as a stand alone piece of gear (as opposed to Maths). You can use the Wogglebug to modulate 0-coast and Morphagene. Lot’s of possibilites here. Then buy a reverb guitar pedal and / or delay to save some cash. (32 hp due to 4ms pod sizes.)


I treat the 0 coast almost exclusively standalone - its size makes it really strong for quick patching, and it is so effective at delivering a good sound. I tend to spend a little while making drum samples and load that into an ableton drum rack.
Somehow i don’t really love patching it with my modular - i like things being somewhat self-contained! That being said, it doubling up as a midi to cv is v useful!


I put mine into my case for the time being. The slope is always great to have in a patch. And tap tempo is great to have 1 more sync extra without cables. The OSC is a full fledged Modulator for FMing…

Also theres a sweet setup i can do standalone with the Moog Mother and the 0Coast somewhere in the flat just being a modular Music instrument.

I also love what artists do with the 0Coast and some Pedals.


Agree. With just one pedal the 0-coast is off and running!


I posted this somewhere on lines, but I did on a recent tour in the band of Dave Dominique, I mostly played guitar but I also used an 0-Coast as a stand alone noise maker for improvisation and it worked great! Every night I would alter the patch just a bit, mostly using it as a random note generator----but the key was using an A/B switch so that I was running my guitar and 0-Coast through the same guitar effects, and as long as you keep the volume down on the 0-Coast, it works great with guitar pedals. It;s a boring answer, but 0-Coast by itself is so deep!