Modules to pair with / extend an 0-Coast?


After reading through this thread I feel like my 104hp skiff ideas may be overkill to use with the 0-coast? It seems as if most users here may not be using it in conjunction with a larger system. Thoughts?


I reckon pairing a 0-Coast with about 60hp (thinking about those 4ms pods) would be really fun and very powerful in itself. I’m always reminding myself that 104hp is already a lot… I could very happily slim down to a 80hp system and achieve everything I’m looking for with that.

What i’m hoping to express is that if you want to make the 0-Coast your instrument, i would try to avoid extending it too much. If you’re seeing it as an component part of a greater system, then certainly 104hp will do that for you.


I think I see it as a part of something a bit larger. I see its value in the “individual” sections being useful to the skiff I’m planning. When I bought the 0-Coast a few months ago, it was to see if I really wanted to go down the rabbit hole of modular, and well… now there is an empty MN Skiff on my desk.

These are the few Ideas I’ve been playing around with:
All seem pretty fun on their own if we’re being honest.


The 0-Coast was my gateway into modular.
Now that I have a bit of stuff, I tend to forget about the 0-coast until last. I’m not always sure how to integrate it into my rack set-up. Not having it in the case with the other bits certainly has an effect.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to start planning with it in mind rather than as an add-on when I need another voice.


I don’t have an 0-coast but have kind of wanted one for an ultra portable jam system with my SQ-1 and many a few pedals…

It hasn’t been enough to actually make me get one yet but it’s still intriguing…

Does anyone use it like this? I’d be curious to hear about your experiences…




I bought the 0-Coast more or less at launch (serial number 1008 or something like that) and it completely changed the course of… everything.

Last year I completed my 7U/84hp “Easel-inspired” system and the 0-Coast fell out of favour. I wanted everything in the rack and the 0-Coast is so small there’s nowhere to put it, if that makes any sense. I sold it, somewhat ruefully.

Ultimately I bought another one yesterday afternoon, which is fhe first time I’ve ever bought the same piece of gear twice. Here is what was going through my head yesterday morning:

  • 2019 is my “year of constraint.”
  • I’m also embarking on a “one-year Octatrack challenge” with some folks over at the Elektronauts forum. I decided to select only the bare essentials and make portability a factor.
  • To that end, I wanted a small skiff or a small semi-modular. Looking at the skiff options, many are just not small enough. I looked at the 4ms Pod60, but it’s not deep enough for many modules.
  • Another bit of kit I’m using is the DFAM which has no MIDI and, in my opinion, needs a little boost (LFOs, random voltage, etc) from a modular toolkit.
  • The Octatrack doesn’t speak CV, which means I’d need either a Mutant Brain, CV.OCD or some other solution to act as a convertor.

Looking at the cost of a skiff (say $250 CAD) and the cost of a MIDI to CV convertor (say another $200 CAD) I started to question my life choices. :sweat_smile:

The 0-Coast was staring me in the face. I know it inside and out, in fact it’s probably the only monosynth I’d trust to spend a year with. Also… I missed that “pluck” sound. You know the one.

I thnk it really shines with just one or two other pieces of gear. If you dwarf it with a huge modular system as I did, it’ll only sit on the bench.

An absolute classic. Over two years since release and we’re still talking about this thing.


I “outgrew” my 0-Coast once I had a Function, Contour and Dynamix in my modular. Told myself I didn’t like the wavefolder as much as Crossfold, Warps, or even the weird “discontinuity” thing on Hertz Donut or the “we take folding literally” one in the E370.

But I miss it. It’s more than the sum of its parts. The main reason Behringer Crave got my attention was the similar form factor, but about fifteen minutes later I was thinking “I don’t really want a one-VCO ladder filter subtractive synth, I just want that 0-Coast experience.”

I’m not going to be spending anything else for a while, but I do kind of want to check out the Microvolt since I like Pittsburgh’s stuff generally. It might not feel quite as simple and pure as the 0-Coast, though.


This is a fine way to use it. Reverb pedals are nice addition in this case.


Grabbed a uBraids and u0_c to use with the 0-coast and its a blast! Blending the Braids with the 0-Coast oscillator is quite wonderful. Waiting for stages to come in the mail next!


Braids and Tides were the first things I bought to go with my 0-Coast, and it wasn’t too long before I was completely hooked haha. You’ll have fun, I imagine esp with that 0_c.


haha! Very similar tastes. Yeah even with just 0_c and Braids alone I was having a blast patching. My stages actually just came in the mail so I’m super stoked to get some more modulation in the mix :slight_smile:

Pretty excited to finally be filling this skiff.

Eyeing up a little dopefer mixer, uBurst and Marbles next.