Molar 128 OSX version

Hi, has someone still a version of Molar 128 for osx? The download link is dead.

try contacting steve duda. molar is over 10 years old now.

He doesn’t have it anymore.

@pauk was a virtuoso with molar, he might know?

Old threat, I know :wink:
But, I am still using molar (with jbridge) and pages with my 128 grid for midi drum sequencing and some loop mangling. Still have many versions available and lots of manuals to read, if anyone is still interested let me know. Molar is still amazing.


did you also freeze at macos 10.6.8? (that was a good version)


I remember seeing some stuff about Molar many many years ago. Just watched some old videos on YouTube, and it’s just as confounding to me as it was then.

And of course that means I’m super curious about what it used to be!

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Good old days :wink:
No, actually I am on macOS 10.13.6., forgot to mention this, sorry, so not that much behind.
Pages and Molar still running well and now finally with my new grid.

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Its so much and more. I´ll check my large tips & tricks and manual folder tomorrow.
Teaser VST folder:

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Man… wtf?!! This is interesting!

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Cool, can you post the 128 version and manuals?


Well I would make a download for all VSTs available since some worked better than other. I have to check which version I am using all the time.

The Tips and Tricks, manuals I collected over a long time period folder is large, Molar is so deep if you are willing to sacrifice some time with it and I think it is still totally worth it.

I´ll provide a download link of everything tomorrow :wink:


Molar and Pages 2, just showing a little how it works with Ableton. More info follows.
SORRY for the bad quality, just a quick thing with mobile phone. :wink:

I only used Molar for midi trigger without any problems in the past, but I worked a lot with samples once and it did work great. After checking in sample mode again I noticed some slow behavior when choosing samples quick on Grid from the folder selected. Might just be some adjustments to be made in the Confg. to make it better, not sure :wink:

The big Tips/Tricks manual folder:

You need a 32bit to 64bit VST converter like jBridgeM if you are on a 64bit computer!
Never regretted bying this, updates are still coming I think. Its affordable, 9,90 Euro.

Actually everything is pretty easy to set up and should not take very much time if you follow the steps, I hope to provide some useable info for the ones who are interested. I was just a passionate user and a regular community tester, credits go to the community involved and to Steve Duda/Molar and Pages (Phortran), big thanks to everyone!! :wink:

Instead of providing a bunch of Vsts as mentioned earlier, I provide the ones that had been working for me for many years until today. Hopefully it will work for others.

My Spec.: MacOs 10.13.6. Ableton Live 10 Suite

The VST and Confg. files to use:
Molar128.cfg (5.4 KB) (1.1 MB)

Put Molar_128.vst and Molar128.cfg in your VST folder.

Molar VST folder

Create a new folder, name it Molar (exact). Not so important for the 1st run, but very useful later, hosts samples and FXBs (like banks you can choose from your Grid).

Molar folder samples FXBs

“Open as” Molar128.cfg file with txt editor!! You may use the exact ports as I did, 8060 and 8020. This is important because you have to use the same ones in Pages. Also add 128 prefix in brackets for your 128 Grid. Everything should be all there if you downloaded the VST/Confg. files above, but I think it is good to know anyway. It has to fit exactly between the brackets, NO space between!!
There are some other, useful things you can change in the confg. file, so that Molar always starts with the settings you made there.

Download pages. I use pages 0.2a51 (Java needed - sometimes only certain java versions worked, not sure which one I have, but if one does not work with pages try some other versions, actually should be no hassle). Configure as shown in my video with Grid attached.

Molar Pages screenshot

Here a very basic, important overview for the start, not made by me! (also in the Tips/Tricks/Manual folder):
Unofficial Molar VSTi Functions Overview.pdf (3.4 MB)

I hope I did not forget something. Once it is set up, it only takes seconds to make it always work.
Make sure you save your Pages configurations set up as a file, so you can just load it the next time with all configurations you already did.

Good luck! :wink:


I can’t believe this is coming back from the dead, so excited to give this a go!

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Curious if anyone of you got this working? :blush:

I’m going to have to try and get a 32 to 64 converter for OC, cause I’m on Catalina, so there’s none currently for my MacOS

Thanks :wink:
Yeah, unfortunately support only up to OS 10.14 for now.
Demo version jBridgeM

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Hah, well, damn! Good show! It might be a minute until I can really dig in. The PC will be going in a box in preparation for an interstate move. But I am going to download all this and read the documentation.

If you can believe it, I straight up remember the name from back in the day but can’t say for sure if I ever had any idea what the hell it did! Hahah

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Good luck for your interstate move.

Maybe a few, most important delicious snacks to get an idea what Molar is capable of.

Actually you can control all (maybe only 99% haha) functions in molar by pressing one of the pads on your grid in the lowest row. Most of them speak for themselves. Press with one hand change with the other on grid.

Sequencer Mode is very important for different kind of sequencers. You can load samples (a full folder with 127 samples that you can choose from grid with pad, lowest row “wav”), also drag and drop, or just do midi (preconfigure rows and notes for your midigear, save and load them).

Actually I do not know everything anymore, just the most basic stuff for midi sequencing.

The thing I love most:
Each of the 112 pads (128 minus lowest row), can hold its own sequence!
So thats 7 rows x 16 steps, makes 112 sequences you can combine on the fly on your grid. Great for exploring, finding various combinations of those sequences you created on each pad.

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Dang, this is legit BONKERS. No wonder I never got up to speed with it all those years ago. Hahah