Molly Crabapple - Fun new cartoon about Green New Deal


Probably a lot of people have seen this but somehow I felt like I wanted to post.
I have nothing to add or say except Molly Crabapple is an amazing artist.


Great video! That’s some skills with the overhead stop-motion filming, too - There’s a big future for her doing vids of modular performances! :rofl:

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I kinda don’t feel great about AOC shacking up with Crabapple, who has a pretty, ahem, spotty track record.

For more sources, from 2016:


I really can’t support molly crabapple. She doxxed the activist who discovered Dylan roof’s manifesto ( and got her fired from her job bc of some personal beef. Left Twitter is a weird place, that’s still ridiculous and indicative of her character.


Haha I was drafting my response before you posted yours! We probably have seen all of the same things regarding MC

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Funny, but I am not really sure how invested I am in really finding the truth about MC.
I heard a short interview on NPR with her about how she had just finished making a film for AOC and the Green New Deal.
I like the film. Clever piece of agitprop.
Don’t really care much about defending missteps in an artist’s career and life.


I don’t think you have I defend them per se, but it is important to keep in mind that posting something by a given person (without an explicit caveat or denouncement or whatever) reads as an endorsement of sorts.

I’m not criticizing anyone here (I hadn’t heard of this artist til just now and I don’t use Twitter), fwiw! :slight_smile:


Well to be clear I do endorse the Green New Deal.
And childlike drawings.
And twitter is boring.


Yeah, if only she wasn’t a fervent defender of racists and Nazi’s…

I agree, but defending human rights and fighting the terrifying rise of Neo-Nazi’s is not boring. There’s no space for them and people who defend them, especially who refuse to acknowledge their mistakes or work to reform.


I agree Emenel,
however as I said before, she was just an unknown artist to me and I wouldn’t have looked for her in any other situation.