Monitor advice for a musician with eye problems

…I might need your help regarding the right monitor for me, because I have increasing sight problems. My eyesight is decreasing increasingly and even though I will have an operation next year I need a better monitor for working on my scores, mixing and of course taxes…

I am on PC and currently using a LG 29UM65-P (29 Zoll) LED-Monitor and a ROG Strix 570 graphic card. While reading texts I have the feeling its blurry and tiring to read. So, I had to increase browser font size to 125 %, Ableton to 110%, etc. to be able to read stuff better.

My questions:

  • Which dpi is necessary to get crisper texts?
  • Will I get a better result by choosing a monitor with a higher resolution like 3840 x 1600 or will my reading experience stay more less the same but now with a larger monitor?
  • What is your opinion regarding curved displays. Are they worth it or some kind of hype?
  • Any other advice?

thank you in advance