Mono inputs to norns shield

Hi! How do you use a mono source (such as a guitar jack) as input to norns shields, since there is only one stereo input ? I can switch monitoring to mono and then I hear the guitar in both left and right headphones, which is nice, but it would be good to have the input go to both l and r channels, for example to send it in both Otis looper simultaneously. At the moment there is only signal in the l channel.

So how do you transform a mono source into a stereo source?

I use these cables (with adapters to 1/4in if needed)
1ft CablesOnline 3.5mm Stereo…

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Otis also has a setting for mono input: PARAMS > input (set it to mono (L))


yeah for now this is primarily up to the script author. quite a few scripts have the setting, thankfully. would love to see this added to norns core at some point, now that i think about it :eyes:


Ah this is great! Sorry for being so inept, I just got norns shield and am still learning.

I’m thinking of making myself a cable that is mono on one side and stereo on the other, but with only the left connected.
Attaching a mono cable to norns will connect the audio to the R input unfortunately.