Mono- versus Vari-bright

Silly question. I am debating whether to go for a mono-bright or vari-bright 256. I’ve actually had them both, but sold them a while back. I am now back in the game. The rational me feels the vari-bright is the obvious choice because it’s an updated version. But the sentimental me wants that beautiful original look-and-feel of the original walnut.

I could get either for pretty much the same price, give or take 100 bucks. Has anybody had to choose?

Have had both; there’s a few apps that are much better with vari (meadow physics, mark eats to pick two) and feel clunky without. So I’d go vari but it depends on particular apps you’re likely to use.

If you can get either for pretty much the same price I think a varibright makes sense as it will play nicely with the apps that use that feature as said and it will be a little more future proof as new apps come out.

This is something I’ve been debating recently as I would like to get a 256 at some point. I will probably pick up a non-varibright. The main reason is that I usually build things in Max myself for use with my monome (I have a 64) and really don’t tend to use many pre-built apps. The ones I do use are older, not utilising the varibright feature anyway and things I make serve my purposes fine without needing varibright.

Also, where I am non-varibright are usually significantly cheaper. But if I could get a varibright for close to the same price as an older model I’d probably pick one up just to have access to it if I wanted in the future.

Thanks - to be honest, I only use Mlrv and re:mix. I make sample-based beats and I just absolutely love play them out on a monome.

Totally understand the pros of the varibright, but having had both, I have to say that I enjoyed using the older one better. It’s similar to MPC folks that love the feel of the older MPCs versus the later ones. In this case, however, it’s solely about looks.

Just a question of preference - but the way you feel when you play out your instrument(s) is not something to take lightly. That’s why I am torn! I guess it’s a good problem to have.

Thanks so much for your thoughts. I am so happy to be back in this community.

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i feel the same way about the classic 256, but i would still go for the varibright. re:mix doesn’t use this feature much now, but it will in the future.

the 2012’s amber leds have grown on me though, i like them a lot now… and with no bezel u could potentially put 2 side by side and have a very portable 512.

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Thanks @elquinto - I very much respect your opinion; your contribution around these parts has been invaluable to the community.

I think I will likely go for the vari-bright if it pans out. I just have to figure out logistics now.

Thanks again, everyone!