Monome 256 crashed and spits our random values if too many LEDs are active

dear community,

i have a big struggle with my new/old 2009 monome (mentioned in this thead: Monome 256, yosemite, serialosc problems). bought it on ebay and it seemed to work flawlessly, although i suppose i had just not provoked the problem up till now.

whenever i turn on a certain amount of LEDs (sequencially or via row-commands, and it’s always the exact same amount, namely more than 139 or more than 8 rows), it freezes, crashes and/or starts spitting out random values (as if keys had been pressed). i’m afraid that this has something to do with some lack of powersupply via USB, but i have no idea … and i’m really afraid! D: also, turning on all LEDs at once doesn’t work (or only works very briefly, then crashed the grid).

attached is a max-file with few commented test-scenarios. i’d be <3 totally <3 graciuous for any clue or help or test i could run. thanks!

running: iMac 27’’ 5K late 2014 / El Capitan 10.11 / Max 7.0.6

monome256_test.maxpat (9.9 KB)

this does sound like a power issue. have you tried switching to a different USB port? and then try running it through a powered USB hub? i’ve not seen these sorts of issues for many many years, and they typically came up on non-mac computers.

by “crash” do you mean disconnect?

and are there apps which are actually turning on this may LEDs?

awww! i’m so happy right now! sorry for the false alarm. i simply swapped my pretty, appearing-to-be-high-qualtiy USB cable with one, that looks very crappy – but… strangely works!

before, i also took for granted that LEDs grew dimmer the more of them were turned on – this issue is solved, too. weird!

as always thanks a ton for the quick reply @tehn

oh, and one more question, kind of on topic (as i re-installed serialosc 1.4) – which serialosc patcher is actually the most current one? left or right?

left. and it doesn’t have anything to do with serialosc. those are the maxpat bpatchers, the left one is included in the Max 7 distribution now. both should work.