Monome 256 grid (varibright 2012-2013?) USB/power info

Oh, hi there!
I’ve been trying to get info from a seller on eBay who is selling what seems to be a 2012-2013 varibright 256 grid…
It’s this one here:
There was a thread in the Trade section, and it was closed down due to OP being unsure about the legit-ness of the seller. I’ve since been messaging the seller and he seems legit and a nice dude, albeit a bit unsure about a all the details since he acquired it second hand.

One thing that he has mentioned is that he lost the original USB cable and that now some cables work and some don’t work. Is this due to the 256 grids needing more USB power? Could it alternatively be unsuitable ports (rather than cables) he is using?

Any ideas would be much appreciated as the seller is a bit baffled and wondering if it’s an issue with the unit itself. He is being quite honest and I am mildly interested in the unit myself (just to be transparent). But also just trying to help him out a bit by passing on some info as I know there are many knowledgeable dudes here.


BUMP… anyone know if 256 grids are finicky about USB to mini-USB cables used??

I’ve never had a problem, no.

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I’ve never had any problems with different usb cables on my 256 varibright.
And I never owned the cable that originally shipped with the unit as I bought it second hand

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@jasonw22 and @AndersSkibsted Thanks for the replies.
Have you you (or anyone else) had issues with USB ports not passing enough power for the 256 grids? Not sure how likely this is, in a world where my Maschine Mk3 and Push 2 power p just fine on USB alone…

While I have never had this problem, using an unpowered USB hub with too many devices on it is one way to starve a USB connection of sufficient power.

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never had problems with usb and power to my 256… never used an unpowered hub for it but could also imagine that that could be a problem.

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Totes! Didn’t think about unpowered hubs…
Although the seller has gone awfully quiet now so don’t actually know if there is an issue with the unit itself. Description is a bit all over the place as he says its 2013 but 4-stage varibright, so hard to decode what exactly this is.
Thanks for your help.

if you look closely, it’s a mini USB port, so i think it’s 2012, not 2011, with 16 stage varibright.

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Yeah, that’s what I had figured it was but I didn’t win the auction anyway.
Although I think I’m really in the market for a 128 so don’t feel too bad.
Thanks for the help

eek, i won the auction :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve been thru a lot of iterations of the grid (40h, 2007 256, recent 128 etc etc).

looking forward to mlr’n it with 15 tracks.


Congratulations! The 2012 is a pretty amazing grid edition.


Congrats mate! That’s a great price too… Looks like only you and me bid. I put in a last minute bid but with shipping and duties it would’ve been pretty steep for me to battle it out anyway.

You selling your 128? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i had a 2016 128 recently, but sold it several months ago because i was in need of monies. this is a lil less than $200 more for twice as much grid real estate. again, the prime reason i’m getting it is to play my stuff live/improvisationaly with re:mix. within the last month i’ve transitioned to using bitwig as my main daw, so this’ll be my prime reason for holding onto Live (m4l + re:mix).

and yeah, the seller doesn’t seem to know much about it. i asked what color the LEDs were and he said orange and then explained the whole ordeal with the mini USB to USB cable not drawing enough power. i asked for a slight price reduction so i could buy the appropriate USB to mini USB cable.

does anyone know if the Amazon basics USB to mini USB cable works with the 2012 256 grid?

Amazon mini USB to USB cable

yeah that’ll work just fine.

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Hey @zfigz, I had a listen to some of you tunes on Band camp, and I can totally see that 256 getting a well deserved workout in your live set!
Yup, the seller Fab wasn’t super knowledgeable about the grid but seemed like a nice guy who would sort you out if anything was wrong. Hopefully this whole cable malarkey is simply user error rather than a bigger issue… but even if it is I’m sure you can sort it much easier being in the US than me from the UK.
Enjoy the new toy!

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