Monome 256 multi instruments in Ableton Live

Im trying to get my head around how to use one Monome 256 to control 16 different MIDI tracks in AbletonLive. Im not really sure what Im doing .
It sort of works using multiple patches , one for each midi track when playing the notes to the Monome LEDs, but sending MIDI notes from the Monome to the seperate MIDI tracks is causing conflicts.
It seems that I can only have one patch sending and receiving .

To be clearer about what I need .
I have 16 MIDI tracks using 16 notes each.
I want each MIDI track to play 1 row of LEDs
and each same row to play MIDI notes on that track.

But right now every track with a MonomeGridMIDI.maxpatch overrides every over track.

This is all for a custom instrument installation.

thanks a lot for any help