Monome 256 not detected


I have a walnut 256 that was working perfectly on Mac OSX 10.12.2. I literally just finished recording a track earlier, went to have dinner, came back, and when I turned the computer back on, the Monome wouldn’t get picked up.

It’s being detected fine under Mac System Report (as Monome 256), and when I plug it in, there’s a short animation of the LEDs (a sort of wave outwards from the top left hand corner, and then a single pad lights up just to the bottom right of the centre), but Mark Eats Sequencer (the only app I really use now) won’t see it - neither will any of my other Max apps.

I’ve installed the latest versions of Mark Eats, SerialOSC, checked I had no old FTDI driver in Systems/Extensions/ and rebooted a bunch of times, but no luck. What am I doing wrong? :confused: