Monome 256 usb upgrade fail

my attempt at doing the usb upgrade on my 256 has not been successful.
it appears that it does not get enough power whatever i plug it into.
it does the power on corner flash and then plays one button only. nothing mounts on windows or mac.
ive rechecked everything but no dign of issues.

can anyone help what i should try next?
thanks a lot

was it working prior to the upgrade? you’ve tried the same computer? the software setup could likely be the problem if you’re not getting a “too much power” message from your computer.

yes it was working prior to upgrade. It doesnt show up in any device list now but before it did.
It used to do its led dance but now it just shows one and then nothing.
I guess the upgrade broke it :frowning:

contact and you can ship it in for repair.