Monome 40h DIY Accelerometer Modification

It appears the old monome github wiki is no longer accessible. I managed to find the original tutorial on, and I figured I’d add the details here for everyone’s benefit.

I have an original, unmodified monome 40h, and I plan to open the unit up to add an accelerometer. Since the referenced dual-axis accelerometer breakout board is no longer available, I’ve gone ahead and ordered a modern 3-axis board, and I’ll post the pictures after I perform the mod.


40h mod

using the standard firmware (which uses the four aux inputs as analog) you can connect an analog accelerometer directly, no reprogramming required.
i used one from for about $35 i think?
it has a nice breakout board, so the soldering is easy, and the passives are all included. not much to it: solder gnd to gnd, 5v to 5v, AY and AX to two analog-in pads on the logic board. that’s it. i taped it up flat on the back so it would stay level-ish. probably would be better to mechanically mount it with some sort of screw. leave long leads on the wires! also we haven’t tested this, but in theory it’d be good to add the 0.1uH inductor where the green jumper lives (next to the usb port on the logic board). this should smooth out the analog signal.


Here’s another picture of a 40h board with the accelerometer upgrade: MONOME 40H the lights remain locked on or all off and the grid doesn't work! - #24 by dariocasillo


I recently picked up an accelerometer to do the 40h tilt mod, and it seems I’m only able to get the y-axis working. I’ve confirmed the accelerometer properly outputs x, y and z axis voltages using a multimeter, but for some reason the 40h is only recognizing one axis. I used Press Cafe for tilt testing.

Please see the photos attached below.

Wire colors:

  • green to ground
  • red to 5v
  • yellow to x-axis
  • black to y-axis
  • blue to z-axis (not connected to monome board)

Does anyone have any idea why the 40h is only picking up one axis?