MONOME 40H the lights remain locked on or all off and the grid doesn't work!

I have a problem with my Monome 40h on Mac Book pro 10.11.6 El Capitan.
The lights remain locked on when I put the usb cable into the port and to return to the ideal situational have to restart your computer.
It seems that serialosc remains active in the background and can not see the monome.
Somebody can help me?

I have a 40h - but I’m running Sierra these days so probably hard for me to replicate. I don’t recall ever having a problem where the lights stay locked on.

I have been trying to use the 40h with a raspberry pi, and occasionally it seems serialosc locks up.

I’ve fixed that by killing off serialosc and then restarting it. you can do that from the commandline in a terminal window - might be more convenient than rebooting your machine

It happens to me with my arc4 on occasion. I use monome home to reset the leds.

Well, chailight
What is the command-line for terminal solution to reset the serialosc?

do you mean it’s not detected by serialosc?

be sure to remove your FTDI driver and use the AppleFTDI. various threads here about doing this.

some very old 40h units do not clear the startup pattern until it receives a first LED update message.

Yes, it is not detected by serialosc
I don’t have FTDI in library Extensions.
In this moment Now the lights are always off when I connect it to my computer and I’m seriously worried.
It is true, my monome is very old!
is it dead?
what do you think Tehn?

it is almost certainly not dead. you’re experiencing the same Mac OS upgrade nightmare that many others have.

my quickest suggestion: try upgrading to 10.12 if you can, and read through these:

Now I have tried on IMac of my friend and the my little jewel 40h works very well on OS X 10.11.4 with serialosc 1.4.
While I have two MacBook Pro I7 OS X 10.11.6 and max7.
I don’t know, what it is happen, because on my setup Just 12 hours ago it seems broken while now on IMac it works very well.

It’s not magically broken. You updated to the bleeding edge and are suffering the consequences so it seems.

thank you, I understand, but so Apple has created us a big mess, and we can’t work with our monome. the apple is poisoned!

not really. see tehn’s advise above to actually update to the “bleeding edge”.

yes osx+ftdi is sadly a bit wonky these days.

@dariocasillo there are some things to check/try in various threads, like this: SerialOSC not updating on monome connect/disconnect

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i always wait a while after apple releases ANYTHING, i guess it goes back to my pro-tools fear days

@dariocasillo is on 10.11 (me too), which was released one and a half year ago, so I don’t get your comment…

I’m sorry i got confused with another thread, i was reading regarding someone on Sierra, my bad.

i do recall having issues with Max7. I cleaned out the whole thing and installed via the package manager and it cleared things up.

In this morning I deleted all those monome patches that I had installed in Max7. Then I update to Osx Sierra and there was an improvement: if I plug and unplug the monome is always intercepted, something that was previously not pissibile with El Capitan at that time I had to restart the computer. But despite this improvement the monome does not work, does not respond and does not send messages, and then the pads are always in the dark.

what’s the output from the max window?
You uninstalled the serialosc manually?
if not try that. manually delete the serialosc file from max folder, /Users/Documents/Max7/…
and then install the monome package from the package manager in Max7

binding to port 12006
binding to port 12288
binding to port 13288
udpreceiver: binding to port 12006
binding to port 12288
udpreceiver: binding to port 13289

monome is connected but the light is dark
it doesn’t control the patch

I have uninstalled manually the serialosc and after I have installed Monome file from Package manager
Now I have installed serialosc and the monome is connected but it doesn’t work .

to ask again, can you confirm that you got this working (lights and keys) on another computer at some point?

Also did you reboot after the uninstallation?
And what computer is it working on, didn’t you say it works on a friends laptop? or do you have/know someone with a mac that might let you try it on their computer? i think if it works on another person’s computer we can rule out if there is a defective unit/part