MONOME 40H the lights remain locked on or all off and the grid doesn't work!

Yes, Yesterday it worked on the imac of a friend but then I returned home I tried on my mac and monome continued to act as I described.
today I have tried on the imac of my friend and it did not work like yesterday.
no lights today

can you take a photo of the unit and post it? i want to confirm the edition or if it’s a kit/etc.

I do not think that this monome is a device kit.
While I’m sure the tilt sensor that is seen is a device upgrade kit.
The device is “m40h0205”.
It is second hand.
I bought it from Latvia users, some years ago.

I have installed serialosc and monome home on another IMac 10.11.6.
I have installed serialosc and gridhowto on MacBook Pro 10.10 with Max7.
Well, dear colleagues I am a little sad, because after so many years of adventures my little jewel has decided to remain in the dark.
In all two cases the monome has been recognized by the GridhowTo or Monome Home MAXPatches but does not receive and when I plug in USB socket and when I hit the pads it does not turn on the lights. I have also tried with monomeserial and it has been successfully recognized but when I press the monomeserial “test mode” do not pad is light-on. Perhaps lack the firmware, the sketch, I do not know. How can you help me I can reload ATMega with my programmer to use with Arduino microcontrollers? Where can I get the sketch?

do you get a startup animation pattern when you power the unit? what you wrote was unclear.

that’s certainly a real 40h, with the accel upgrade.

you need a programmer to reflash, and it’s hard to know that’s the actual problem.

do you still see tty.usbserial*** is your /dev/ folder?

When I power the unit I don’t get animation pattern.
When I type in terminal ls -lrt /dev
I read this:
2 Mar 00:40 cu.usbserial-m40h0205
2 Mar 00:41 tty.usbserial-m40h0205

See this photo,
Also if the device has been detected and the TESTMODE is on the light of monome is in the dark.
What I can to resolve this problem?
can you help me?

how can I get through the the Terminal the AppleFTDIUSB drivers? In the Extensions folder there isn’t.
I doubt that there are.
Yet on this MacBookPro I installed 10.12.3 Sierra.

in terminal you can type: (or better copy them, that’s not a small L or I in between)

ls -la /Library/Extensions/ | grep FTDI
ls -la /System/Library/Extensions/ | grep FTDI

the outputs should make clear which drivers are installed. if you have multiple, you can try disabling the non apple one by renaming it to .disabled instead of .kext (as suggested by tehn in the other thread I linked before), then restart.

if you’re not getting a startup light pattern when you power the unit, that’s a hardware problem.

didn’t you say it was working just a few days ago?

by that i mean, the thread title says “lights locked on” and now you’re saying you get no lights ever?

I have upgraded my macbook pro to Sierra.
If I’m knowing right, Now I must disabled the AppleUSBFTDI driver, is it true?
How I procede for this operation?

no-- you need to use the AppleUSBFTDI. do not install the OEM FTDI driver from the FTDI website.

you also didn’t respond to my post above, which is imperative information for me to help figure out what’s happening.

I reply to your post above:
First point: now the lights never light up, even when I connect the USB cable.
Second point: True, a few days ago it worked on iMac of my friend and Even yesterday morning it worked once on my macbook pro with the new installation of OSX Sierra.
The version of serialiosc I installed is 1.4. Is this the right version for Sierra OSX?
I have found AppleUSBFTDI driver in System/Library/Extensions Folder, is it right?
Or this driver should be in HD/Library/Extensions Folder Like old version FTDI?

When I connect the USB plug between the grid monome and macbook pro, in Max7 screen GridHowTo I read “m40h0205”. If I disconnect the cable and after one moment I reconnect it to computer, Max7 recognize monome perfectly, but still does not allow me to check, to check the correct operation and I do not see light at the pressure on the pads also if in this moment I am Reading on screen “m40h0205” CONNECTED.

it sounds like the installation is correct, and the hardware may not be working correctly. especially if you’re not getting a light pattern on power-up.

if you’d like to set up a repair e-mail