Monome 40h

Hello guys, Im new to this community and overall new to programing Monome. So I please anyone to help me program this monome 40h ( got 2) that i got it from my uncle, but he dosnt know how to program it for my purpose. My purpose for one pair of 64 buttons is that they work as ableton works… and second pair like traktor f1 is designed or mabye like in this video… Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

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If you are looking to use the 40h as 64 independent triggers, check out the 64 fingers app. This is designed for this purpose. This may or may not be available on as it is an older app.

Have you downloaded max runtime, and tried connecting the 40h? Check out for installing the relevant software and test.

Perhaps someone more knowledge than me could confirm if the 40h requires monomeserial?

hello !
you may find what you’re looking for there (monome apps repo)
as @steveoath said : check the ‘how to’ to set up the 40h

thank mate will try that out :slight_smile:

thank you to both :slight_smile:

Hello guys… I need some help at this… I have installed monomeserial, when I plug in my device it doesnt start up… when I unplug it the program starts normally… that confusses me, same for serialosc when I start it the program a Debug window opens but i dont know why… Thanks for responding.

what OS and version? monomeserial is very old and deprecated, don’t use it. serialosc should start up on boot.

get Max 7 and the monome package as a starting point.

i run windows 10, ohhh… didnt know , thank man :slight_smile:

serialosc didnt start on boot…

solutions for windows 10:

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