Monome 64 as MIDI device in Ableton Live 9 MacOSX 10.10.2

I am new to the Monome community (I have gotten as far as getting monome_sum up and working correctly) and am looking for advice on setting up the monome (64 walnut) as a MIDI device to use in Ableton Live 9. I have found a few threads that mention the app, pages which lead me to here;

I cannot quite work my way through it though and was wondering if anyone has had success in the past with using the monome as a MIDI device in Ableton Live and could point me in the right direction…

hi ronkuby,
you have to route it thru a virtual midi device like midiyoke
in pages route it to a midiyoke out and in live use that midiyoke in
you can use pages like faders, keyboard or triggers thet generates midi messages

thanks. unfortunately for me, midiyoke is a Windows program. For mac there is an application called Audio MIDI setup where you are supposed to be able to add ports which I did. I am just having a problem getting pages up and running. I’m sure this sounds like a dumb question but how do I get pages open to start using it?

Thank you, if I don’t get pages working I will give terms a shot

If this helps, I am stuck at this point…

  1. Launch Ableton Live
  2. Go to Options -> Preferences -> MIDI / Sync tab.
  3. Verify that you can see your virtual MIDI devices, if you don’t see them listed then double check your virtual MIDI device settings.

Under the MIDI/Sync tab I am only able to see the usb audiobox that I have setup.

the two ports that I had created in Audio MIDI setup seem to not be there

Have you checked the pages docs?

I’ve read that you have to create midi virtual ports thru the IAC driver