Monome 64 doesn't respond well

Hi everyone,
Recently I own a Monome M-64 serial number 0229, and 'm having some issues.
I’m trying to understand the gridstudies to create a customized grid.
But it seems my grid doesn’t respond very well, although it’s connected and found by the system.I have to press several times in order to turn on the light and vice versa.

It runs on a macbookpro - el capitan version 10.11.6
I have installed the MonomeSerial software.
Can anyone help me out please?
And does anyone know where I can find more tutorials about how to create your monome grid?

Thanks a lot.

do not install monomeserial. it was obsoleted almost a decade ago and it will interfere with your setup.

can you tell me where you found reference to install monomeserial? it should be removed.

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HI tehn, I succesfully removed Monome Serial and it seems to respond accurate now.
In the meantime on a updated high sierra system.
This was the thread: … As you said, a very old one. Can you, beside the documentation included in the Package manager, recommend other tutorials for a newbee like me ? :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

Is there for instance a simple but concrete patch available in order to examine how I can link this grid to another max patch? I’ve checked the gridstudies, which are very useful. But I’m missing something very basic.
How to link this “grid-patch” to a Max patch to adjust for instance the speed of a sample with 2 options (1 or 0,5)…