Monome 64 grid - midi notes application

Hello all

I used to use monome_midi_press_64.maxpat to send midi notes from the Monome to other apps. And I could choose between ‘toggle’ and ‘press/release’. However, the MIDI output part of this application doesn’t work anymore. The patch is obsolete, I think.

So, what to do? How do I easily send MIDI notes (toggle or press/release) to other Bidule, for instance? Any patch out there? Or do I have to build the whole thing myself?

I hope you can help!
Br, B

i’m not sure which ones i use but i think there was one (definitely was till working for me recently) just called “notes”

and then in ableton live/m4l there is one of the bundle apps that does straight midi interpretation i think. all worked for 64 grayscale that i use.

i’m sorry i can’t be clearer but it has been a second since turning that all on. it definitely was all free and working not too long ago.

a little about the rest of your setup/system might help for diagnostics?


Thanks for your answer.

I have a setup in Plogue Bidule.

I used to load monome_midi_press_64 patch, select Bidule as the MIDI output and then use the Monome to send MIDI notes to whatever in Bidule. Simple. But I can’t find a working Max patch to send notes (as momentary or toggled) to Bidule (or to another application…

Now, the monome_midi_64 patch is working, but it’s only sending momentary notes…

I really hope someone can point me to a working patch!

Br, B

i’ve never used polgue bidule so i do not know the environment nor which way to go for best results. i’m sorry i am not of more help.

It’s not about Bidule!
It’s about finding a Max patch that can send MIDI notes on to any other application.

Anyone: Is there a Max patch to send MIDI notes?

Br, B