Monome 64 walnut and ext5v/external power

Hi all,

I’m trying to develop some modules using an Arduino (Due), following the tutorial in grid-studies first, I’m looking for the ext5v in the store but all links seem to be down, however, quickly running one of the examples everything seems to be working just find with the power supplied by the Arduino, is the external power not needed anymore? I’m using of the early 8x8 walnut monomes if that matters.

Could someone please confirm this is still needed? (I guess it still is, just hoping its not :slight_smile: ) and point me to an alternative to the ext5v somewhere or a schematic? Could a laptop’s usb port be used to provide the extra power during development? or could something like a 5v phone charger do?

Thanks in advance!

Hi I’m on a similar quest for my walnut 128. It used to have an external power supply but I swapped to USB only using the busmod…

I’m looking for the exact specs for the USB port on the due, you need to power it on it should provide 500mAh

Look here:
And here

From what I understand, it should be ok, if you power the Arduino sufficiently with an external power supply. The Arduino should deliver the standard. 500mA…

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i’d generally advise making sure the grid can get ample power as when all LEDs are lit there’s a chance it’ll draw more than 500ma. best case the device will simply be disconnected. i don’t know arduino handles over-current conditions.

you could use a powered hub, or get a USB splitter cable and cut one of the data wires (as demonstrated in another thread here somewhere)

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Thanks for the help @kaosbeat and @tehn !

I’ll try to find the thread that explains how to us the splitter cable, if you have a link or a clue on the thread title or where to find it would be useful, I did some searching without ay luck before posting.

UPDATE: I think I found the post, thank you (this one? Ansible & grid / power issues? )