Monome accessory- usb cable design

just curious to know what everyone is using with their grid/arc? i find monome devices so beautifully made and thoughtfully designed, that i struggle with finding a usb cable which doesn’t destroy the aesthetic of the hardware. i know this is a never ending quest, as something is attached to the other end of the usb as well (though a monome designed laptop would certainly be welcomed in my world!).

but i really like teenage engineering’s branded usb cable for the op-1. in fact, that’s what i use now with my current generation 128 grid. it still feels a bit cheesy with the te logo on the side, and though the color scheme more or less matches, its a bit off. still, i like it better than the all black one the grid ships with. maybe its the color of all black, or the surface finish, but it seems to be a necessary evil instead of a featured design. i realize this has everything to do with cost vs. relative value to manufacture, etc. etc.

however, i was curious to know if any of you have found any usb cables that you feel are more in line with the monome look and feel? one product that also brought this to mind is the lumio- a light in the shape of a book which comes with a custom usb cable in the same color palette, cloth wrapped, and extended length. its a small detail but i love the shit out of that cable and use it for other devices as well… just not my grid or arc because the color is terrible for those devices. the midi fighter 3d also has a dope right angled powdered blue usb cable. custom usb cables might be a sweet accessory for monome devices since usb cables are necessary to interface with them (in a way that, say, selling monome t-shirts might be less relevant?).

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It’s good to know I’m not alone with my OCD about this!

I’ve gone with Apple-esque thin, white USB cables where possible, but don’t recall where I got them. Maybe at an Apple store.

I was going to try and get an Elektron USB cable to see what they look like in the flesh :

I have to say I like the black cable on my 2013 arc and wouldn’t wanna swap it with any of those… Ordinary yes, but also unflashy. A matter of taste I guess.

I have a couple of those cables and they do look good with the Elektron boxes. I’m less sure about the Grid, but I’ll see when mine arrives shortly.

I use one of the Novation right angled USB cables that came with the Launchpads with my GS64, and its fine. I do confess that I was using a generic grey cable and thought “no that’s not right” and looked through my cable draw.

I think it’s pretty normal to accessorize gear appropriately. My black on black Gretsch obviously has a black strap, and black cable. My old Fender P bass with a faded white scratch plate has a faded white strap and vintage style cable. My white Microbrute has white patch cables, a white jack lead, a white USB cable and black power cord. Fuck you Arturia. Fuck you.

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The new Elektron cables are very nice, but they don’t come in USB Mini B, so I couldn’t use one with my grid except with an adapter. And I do think they’re not really the right aesthetic for the grid…they are definitely designed with the black and red palette of the recent Elektron boxes in mind.

I just use white Monoprice cables with my grid. Cheap, perfectly functional, good quality, and the white looks good with aluminum.

I’m considering getting a couple of colored standard-size cables for use with the Eurorack modules, though, just to make them easier to pick out in the tangle of patch cables.

It does seem likely that if Monome made some custom cables, especially with nice touches like the braided cloth cover, they would sell well (and at a high margin). If ever that were to become a reality, I suspect the “Monome way” would be to do it for reasons beyond mere monetary gain - something that enhances usability would be their style.

Perhaps color-coded cables themed for the Euro modules? Meadowphysics green, White Whale white, Earthsea blue, Teletype phosphor yellow…

whenever I have had issues with a grid, its always been the USB cable that I found at the back of a cupboard.

So although I’d love one that matched the Aesthetic,I go for a good quality thick black cable.



I nearly creamed at these cables :slight_smile: