Monome + airport security screen

Bout to go OS and remembered when I traveled back 2014 I got hassled over my grayscale 64. They scanned it for explosives several times. Is there something suspicious within my grid I should know about? was a real drag and will probably just put it my checked baggage.

I’ve never had any issues with it. 80% of the time my bag gets scanned for explosives, but 99% of the time it has all manner of electronic contraptions in it.

Hell, when I first took my Zoom recorder on a flight they called several security people over (due to its resemblance to a stun gun or something).


To be fair, Monome does look like a cheap bomb. Earlier models were made with wood and the buttons look like they could be used to activate a clock for detination.

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I had quite the time coming back from a festival in Spain with a small modular in a homemade case (metal flight case, z-rails, homemade wooden end cheeks). It looked VERY bomb-like, especially when considering alongside another haphazard bag of poorly-packed electronic boxes and cables. Not fun having to unpack and explain every single bit of it.