Monome and Max 8

Hey Ya’ll,

Kind of running out of ideas here -

Max 7 - old school wood 64 shows up fine.
Max 8 - noap.

12.12, newest serialosc, which is running, etc.

Any ideas?

If I remember correctly I think I had this problem but used the serialosc bpatcher that’s bundled with beap and my 2011 grid showed up?

might need to confirm that when I’m back at my computer

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Yeah, I got nothing. Admittedly, this 64 is OLD af - likely from '07 - I really don’t even know if it’s supposed to even work. I wish it would, though!

Hey Andrew,

Looks like something in Max 8 that actually was corrected by moving signal vector size from 2 to 64. I can’t imagine a scenario in which vector size could affect something like the software’s ability to see a monome, but this corrected the problem. Weird, huh? Also - I mean, it’s kinda killing me not to have my signal vector set super low…

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i spoke to @stretta last night and he mentioned there was a max 8 bug that should hopefully be fixed rapidly


Hey Ya’ll,

Something else I’ve noticed is that if you have some mira stuff in there, specifically a getwebsocket abstraction, it can get weird because they are both using [route port] for certain things and those objects must be separated somehow.

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Hey Ya’ll,

Here’s a strange thing: My walnut 64 connects just fine to Max 8.

When I make a simple patch in M4L with serialosc inside, serialosc within THIS framework won’t find my Monome. As soon as I hit the edit button in M4L and open Max8, once the window appears in Max - then my monome shows up in the patch.

Pretty weird right?

Am I missing some obvious beginner thing somehow? I’ve never used my monome in the context of M4L, on Max, so I’m a little new to how it interfaces here.

Hope ya’ll are doing well.


might there be multiple serialosc.maxpat files living on your filesystem? perhaps m4l somehow grabs a bad/outdated one?

I wondered about this too - didn’t seem to be the case.

As is often the final answer in these scenarios, the problem seems to have repaired itself. Ghost in the machine, as always!

Hey @tehn, what is the best way to find all serialosc.maxpat files on my system? It seems I may be having a similar issue. Thanks so much in advance.

do a search? on MacOS do command-space

Yeah that was first thought but didn’t return any files within the max application folder, which I saw you mention on another thread would be the important one. Thought I might be missing something but I guess not.

I’m brand new to the world’s of both monome and max, having trouble finding the right place to begin troubleshooting. Thanks for your quick reply.

what problem are you experiencing? this is a pretty old thread and i’m not sure the problem will be identical.

No I doubt it’s identical. I’m working on some screenshots and putting together a post with some info on what I’m seeing but quickly here’s an overview -

Running mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6
Max 8.0.6
Monome Grid 128 - I believe it’s 2011 or 2012. Deeper walnut casing. Bought used 2 days ago

When running the suggested start up patcher on Max the grid is not recognized.

When I plug it in to my computer I get a quick flash of lights in the upper right hand corner followed a second later by a single cell in the lower left and then nothing…

Trying to do as much research as possible on but any and all advice welcome! Thanks again

Update - running the grid-studies on seems I’m on my way. Thanks again!