Monome as Traktor controller?

Hi. Anyone made progress on using a Monome as a Traktor controller?

A web search brings up an apparently stalled projects and similar inquiries. Figured I’d ask here.



The Insanity app is probably your best bet

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Yes, some work was done on insanity relatively recently and for midi mapping with multiple pages it excels. If you only want one page though, using the old monomeserial in midi mode is lighter and easier to set up.

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Much appreciated. I’ll give it a go.

I Saw traktor thing on Monome group on facebook.
(scroll down to November 4th.)
I never try this one but hopefully this works for you.

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Thanks for this. I’ve downloaded and will give it a go.

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Any updates on this thread? I am looking into this idea and I haven’t found too much on the topic. @disquiet did you what you were looking for with these apps?

Wow, I totally forgot about that. It’s been so long, I don’t even recall what came of it. Is it still under development?

I’m not sure, but do you know anyone who would be interested in investigating this, perhaps tag them?

The idea of controlling Traktor with the monome is interesting, but I was also thinking about routing audio through Max or using it as a plugin or controller of Traktor. I am considering purchasing Traktor so that I can mess around with this idea, I don’t have experience with Trakor because I always thought that max could do more than a DJ app. After Aphex Twin’s recent concert sets, this idea seemed worth looking into to make Traktor more powerful.


I use Traktor a lot with a dedicated controller, but what you describe is certainly interesting.