Monome Beginner Help

Hey everybody,

I just bought my first monome and I am trying to get mlrv to work. I am using Max 5 runtime and mlrv version 2.3 on Windows 8 using a Dell Inspiron 7000 series.
I have a monome 128. I transferred the xsample files to the correct locations, and I downloaded serialosc.maxpat and placed it in the mlrv root directory. When I launch mlrv, it begins successfully with no errors printed out in the Max terminal.
If I open serialosc, it says that my monome is connected. However, mlrv is not responding to any button presses on the monome. I am not seeing any LED feedback either.
I feel like there is some simple step that ties everything together, but I have not been able to figure this out. Can anybody please help me out?

do you have Monome Sum working correctly? this is a good starting point to know that your serialosc/etc is setup.

Monome sum recognizes the monome device but I don’t know what I can do with sum without two other apps running. Is there something I should be able to do as a test?

Sum is standalone, no other things needed apart from serialosc installed
(The service/installer, not the maxpat)

Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate your help.

I started by uninstalling the monome_sum and serialosc files that I already had installed. I also got rid of all things max related apart from Max 5 Runtime. I tried running monome_sum with my Monome connected and it did not recognize my device. I then went and manually opened serialosc.exe, and it then recognized my Monome. However, I still was not getting any feedback.
Also, I was unable to close smallbatch or sum from the user interface, as the red x’s were greyed out.

It seems that I don’t have serialosc configured properly. Do you guys have any advice?

Forgot to mention that I reinstalled monome_sum and serialosc after uninstalling them, obviously

which 128 grid are you using?

you should not need to manually run serialosc.exe. simply reboot after installing. it should be running (check your task manager to ensure this).

I’m using a brand new 2015 grid. I installed serialosc and rebooted and it does not appear to be running automatically. I don’t see a serialosc process in task manager. It looks like this is probably my problem. Any idea why this would be happening?

Don’t see it under any of the Service Hosts either

this is certainly your problem.

try this newest version:

Ok I installed the new version of serialosc as well as Bonjour Print Services (found that I might need that in another thread). This time serialosc appeared in the services tab in task manager but it said it was stopped. I was able to start the service manually. However, when I went to monome_sum I got the same problem as before. It says it recognizes the device but nothing is working. Also, serialosc still didn’t start automatically upon a restart.

Update: I made a new account on my computer and tried installing everything from scratch. Got Max 5.1 Runtime, Bonjour Print Services, Serial OSC 1.4, and the March 2015 serialosc.maxpat. Serialosc now appear to be running automatically.

I downloaded the monome_test 5 patch. I am able to connect my monome, and the grids on the application respond to my button presses. I am able to produce sound, but I am getting no LED feedback. I tried downloading some other apps including Straw and Inkblot. In those apps, I see my monome in the dropdown menu, but I am unable to click it. If I open the dropdown menu and click the monome then the dropdown menu just closes with nothing selected.

Any idea where I could go from here?

you’ll need to run Max 7 for everything except mlrv (which requires Max 5 runtime). serialosc.maxpat is included in the install so it should be easy.

good to hear that the new account worked. generally you shouldn’t need bonjour unless you’re running Pages.

Still not quite working. When I run with Max 7 with new applications they are able to see my monome, but I can’t seem to communicate with the apps. The only response I get is audio with the monome test patch. I can’t get LED response with anything. Any ideas?

Believe me, I know how frustrating this can be.

Based on a Max 5/mlrv2.3/Yosemite setup:

As well as following the instructions, did you put serialosc.js into /Applications/Max5 Runtime/Cycling '74/jsextensions ?

Have you read Issues connecting monome 128 to mlr-v [solved for Max6, but not Max7] ?

You might want to explore the Yosemite/Max7/mlrv2-(2.6) standalone. I haven’t tested it but if Galapagoose says it’s good, it’s good.

I saw your thread a few days ago and it helped me a bunch in getting to this point. However I don’t know where to go from here as I believe I took all the steps you did. This might be a windows specific problem I am facing now.

Both Max 5 and Max 7 runtimes have access to serialosc.js. The frustrating thing is I am not getting any errors in the max terminal, so I really can’t pinpoint what the problem is. Serialosc appears to be working at least partially, but something somewhere in my workflow is inhibiting full communication. I can’t get LED feedback, and I only get sound in the monome test patch downloaded from here:

I will take a look at Yosemite later today and get back to you.

This probably sound quite dumb, but have you tried another USB cable?

Yeah didn’t work. I don’t think the cable is the problem because my monome does the power received animation upon plugin. Also I didn’t realize Yosemite was the name of a Mac OS. I’m on windows.

Any more ideas for me?

The basic deal is that it should work flawlessly our of the box with monome sum. If it doesn’t, work on this first. It can be temperamental, but it does work.

Then get the monome test patch working with feedback.

Post a screenshot of your mlrv setup page as well.

It took me two weeks to really get a reliable setup. I actually found the whole process quite upsetting…lots of money, short on free time, just wanted to have fun with my new kit, couldn’t. So I do sympathise.


So I tried the Windows troubleshoot tool on the Monome in “devices and printers” and it said that the device driver was not compatible with USB 3.0. All my newer laptop has is 4 usb 3.0 ports, so I went back and installed everything on my older laptop. Everything came together pretty quickly now. I’m looking into buying a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter so I can use my newer machine.

Its the first time in my life the Windows troubleshoot tool has actually helped, haha.

Thank you so much for your support guys! Commence the binge…