Monome Beginner Help

i’m sorry to say that i basically would have never found this problem. thank you for the heads up that this should be on my troubleshooting list now.

i truly would’ve thought that the usb3 spec allowed for backwards compatibility-- and i believe it does-- so simply cannot explain why these ports wouldn’t just automatically work. massive planned obsolescence.

I know, it’s pretty ridiculous. The exact message I get when I troubleshoot is “USB Serial Converter is an older device and might not be compatible with USB 3.0”. So it sounds like the problem is on FTDI’s end. I can’t believe they wouldn’t have accounted for this considering the software was updated only 3 weeks ago according to their website.

ugh, my grid is in the mail and now I see this? I want to hook it up to my SP3. what adapter did you get to resolve this?

Sorry for the delay, just saw this. I never found a real way to resolve it… I just used the Monome with my older laptop. Haven’t tried anything with Windows 10 though… perhaps it fixed the issue?